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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 14  1882  page 237

Wills and other Records relating to the Family of Hodsoll By James Greenstreet continued

(From 1705 to 1710 there are no entries of any kind, and only burials from 1710 to 1724.)
1711, Sep. 28, William Hodsall, of Plaxtoll, buried.
1712, Sep. 20, Maxfield Hodsall buried.
1712, Mar. 2, Elizabeth Hodsall buried.
1715, May 4, Jane Hodsall buried.
1718, Sep. 12, Mary Hodsall buried.
1720, Oct. 14, Mary Hodsall buried.
1721, Nov. 10, Mandy Hodsall buried.
1728, May 15, Mary Hodsoll, of Plaxtol, widow, buried.
1729, June 17, Francis Hodsoll buried.
1735, Nov. 7, Maxfield Hadsoll, of Plaxtol, buried.
1736, Jan. 11, Edmund Hodsoll, of Plaxtol, buried.
1741, Dec. 21, William Hodsoll, of Plaxtol, buried.
1742, June 13, John Hodsoll. buried.
1745, Sep. 13, Urban Hodsoll buried in linnen; penalty paid Nov. 12.
1746, Jan. 22, Elizabeth Hodsoll, widow, buried.
1754, Nov. 9, Maxfield Hodsoll buried in linnen.
1755, Feb. 22, Mrs Hodsoll, widow, buried.
1767, Aug. 6, William Hodsel buried.

1650, July 3, Anne, the wife of Thomas Hadsell, was buried.
1652, Oct. 16, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Hadsell, was buried.
1653, Jan. 6, Thomas Hadsell & Anne Monke were married.
1653, Dec. 27, Winnifred, the daughter of Thomas Hadsell, was baptized.
1699, Oct. 15, Martha, ye child of Will : & Mary Hadsoll, baptized.
1700, Nov. 22, Thomas Hadsoll, widdower, buryed.
1700-1, Jan. 23, Thomas Hadsoll & Chatherine Baldwin was marry’d.
1701-2, Mary, daughter of Thos & Katherine Hadsoll, baptiz’d Aug. 10.
1704, May 15, Mary Hadsoll bury’d.
1706, Jan. (?) 16, Thomas, son of Thomas & Katherine Hadsoll, baptiz’d.
1711, Jan. 30, John, son of Thomas & Katherine Hodsell, baptiz’d.
Jan. 15, 1716-7, Kathrine, daughter of Thos & Kathrine Hodsell, baptized.
Mar. 5, 1718-9, Maxfield, son of Maxfield & Isabella Hodsell, baptized.
Mar. 19, 1720, Edmund, son of Maxfield & Isabella Hodsell, was baptized.
Feb. 26, 1722, one Will. Hodsell, together with other inhabitants of Plaxtoll,
   appears to have subscribed his assent to the request of certain Parishioners
   "that they may have leave to dig and build a burying vault in the Chapell of
   Plaxtoll" &c.
Oct. 8, 1723, Orbine, son of Maxfield & Isabel Hodsell, baptized.
Sep. 16, 1729, Tho. Hod.sell, buried; the Affid. from Mr Leigh.
1740, May 30, Ann, daughter of Ruben & Ann Hadsell, baptized.
1741, Jan. 8, Cathrine, wife of Thos Hodsell, buried; the Affidavit from Mr ffrancis, Curate of Shibourn.

1667, Henry Hodsell & Mary Wood, of Seale, married, by licence from Tunbridge, 26 Nov.
1668, John, son of Henry Hodsoll of Fairlawn, bap. ‘7 Sep.
1671. William, son of Henry Hodsoll, bap. 16 April.
1673, Henry, son of Henry Hadsell, bap. 1 Nov.
1680, John Collins & Winyfrite Hadsall married 1 Jan.
1684. Thos, son of Henry & Mary Hodsall, bap. 31 Dec.
1700, John Hodsoll & Elizabeth Jefferys married 27 Oct. =

* The Rev. Mr. Tait, in his letter to J. H. Hodsoll, Esq., dated 2 Feb., 1878, says the search was made from 1648 (their earliest date) to 1760.
= On reference to the Rev. A. P. Wharton, he confirmed the accuracy of this entry by letter.—J. G., 8 March, 1878.

Page 237

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