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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 14  1882  page 236

Wills and other Records relating to the Family of Hodsoll By James Greenstreet continued

William Hodsoll buried ye xxix day of December, 1586.
Mr William Hodsoll was buried 5 October, 1616.
Mrs Hester Hodsoll was buried 14 February, 1623.
Mrs Ellenor Hodsoll, widdowe, was buried 29 July, 1631.
Parnell (?), the wife of Mr. Hennery Hodsoll, was buried 5 May, 1655.
Written under the Baptisms :" I certify that the above, as well as the entries on the other side, are true and correct copies from the ancient Register. Book of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials of the Parish of Ash, Kent.
                                                                    (Signed) "R. Salwey" [the Rector]

1707, Thos, son of Henry Hadsel, bap. 25 June.
1708, John Hadsells, son of Henry, bap. 9 Nov.
1711, Ruben, son of Henry Hadsoul, bap. 1 Jan.
1714, Thos, son of Henry Hadsal, bap. 5 May.
1733, John, son of Henry Hadsol, bap. 11 Sep.
1739, John, son of Henry Hodsol, bap. 10 Sep.
1741, Thos, son of Henry Hadsel, bap. 30 March.
1743, Mary, dau. of Henry Hadsel, bap. 8 July.
1744, Henry, son of Henry Hadsel, bap. 27 Aug.
1747, William, son of Henry Hadsel, bap. 8 Jan.
1751, Thos, son of Henry Hadsel, bap. 27 Dec.
1730, Thos, son of Henry Hadsell, buried 9 Nov.
1733, Margaret, wife of Henry Hadsol junr, buried 21 Sep.
1733, John, son of Henry Hadsol. jun", buried 21 Sep.
1739, Elizabeth Hadsol buried 9 Oct.
1741, Ann Hadsol buried 30 May.
1747, Henry Hadsoll buried 1 Oct.

(Extracted, and communicated, by Chas. Maxfield Hodsoll, Esq.)
1602, John, son, of Thos Hodsoll, bap. 29 day of June.
1604, Anne, dan. of Thos Hodsoll, gent., bap. 25 day of March.
1605, Thomas, son of Thos Hodsoll, gent. ,.bap. 2 Marh.
1607, Henry, son of Thos Hodsoll, gent., bap. 14 day of Feb.
1609, William, son of Thos Hodsoll, gent., bap. 26 day of March.
1611, Stephen son of Thous Hodsoll, gent., bap. 26 day of March.
1612, Henry, son of Thos Hodsoll, gent., bap. the 13 day of July.
1614, Elizabeth, dau. of Thos Hodsoll, gent., bap. 19 day of Feb.
1621, Sarah Hodsoll married John Greenhead 12 Feb.
1624, John, son of Thos Hodsoll, gent., buried 1 Jan.
1662, Maundy Hodsoll married Elizabeth Taylor 4 Dec.
1664, or 3, Thos, son of William Hodsoll, born 11 Jan., bap. 26 Jan.
1665, Thos Hodsoll buried 4 April.
1666, Francis, son of William & Martha Hodsoll, born 27 Feb.
1672, Jane Hodsoll buried May 1
1672, Jane Hodsoll buried Oct. 9.
1673, Henry, son of Henry & Maria Hodsoll, born 27 Oct., bap. 1 Nov.
1676, ffear God ffinch, alias Hodsoll, sepulta 6 Feb.
1632, William, son of William Hodsoll, gent., bap. April 2.
1633, Thos, son of William Hodsoll, bap. 20 March.
1631, Thos Hodsoll, householder, buried 17 May.
1636, Maundye, son of Wm & Jane Hodsoll, bap. 18 July.
1646, Musfrave [above this is written: "alias Maxfield ] fil William Hadsoll & vx. Jane, bap. Mar. 21.
1700, June 12, Henry Hodsoll buried.
1701, July 23, Mary, dau. of John & Eliz. Hodsoll, bap.

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