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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 14  1882  page 234

Wills and other Records relating to the Family of Hodsoll By James Greenstreet continued

whole to sixtye pounds, or thereabouts, and he the said Gyles did ffaithfully promise to pay the same vnto your said Orators about May was two yeares last past, and att or aboute the moneth of May one thousand six hundred sixty and seaven he the said John Hodsall, for good and valuable considerations, by his Deed of ffeoffment duely executed, Did grante vnto your said Orator ffrancis, and his heires, his moyety parte or purpartye of all and singuler the premisses To the only vse of your said Orator ffrancis, and of his heires iforever. wherevppon your said Orator did both enter into all and singuler the premisses, and for some tyme did peaceably and quietly hold and enioy the same as Tennants in Comon, and of all right ought still to holde and enjoye the same. But nowe soc it is, may it please your Honour, the said Giles Mandy being lately dead, Anne Mandy, the widdowe and relicte of the said Gyles Mandy,. combining and confederating herselfe with Edward Mandy her sonne howe to defeate your said Orators not only of all and singuler the said messuage, lands, tenements and hereditaments, but alsoe of the said sume of sixty pounds lente to the said Gyles Mandy as aforesaid, having possessed themselves of all the Deeds and writeings belongeing to the premisses, and of all the Deeds and writeings of him the said Gyles Mandy, and of all the goods and chattells of him the said Gyles Mandy, they the said Anne Mandy and Edward Mandy have lately entred into all and singuler the premisses, and have made diverse secerett (sic) conveyances of the premisses to persons vnknowne to your said Orators, whose names, as discovered, your said Orators humbly prayeth may be here inserted, and they made partyes to this Bill, And doe give it out in speeches, sometimes that the said Gyles Mandy longe time before he sold the premisses to your said Orator Maxfeild and to the said John Hodsall, either before or after his marriage with her the said Anne Mandy, did settle all or the greatest parte of the premisses vppon her the said Anne for her Joynture, and that by verture of such settlement she holdeth the premisses; And at other times that he the said Gyles, by some Conveyance duly executed, longe time before your said Orator Maxfeild’s tytle did ffirst accrewe to any parte of the premisses, Did intaile all or the greatest parte of the premisses vppon him the said Edward Mandy his sonne, but that your said Orator shall never see howe the same are settled, doe what he can, or words to the same effecte; And at other times they the said confederates doe give it out in speeches that he the said Gyles Mandy did make some Will, and give all or the most parte of his personall Estate to them or some one of them, but they the said confederates doe refuse to prove any Will, or to shew any Will to your said Orator, or confesse by what tytle they, or any one of them, doe clayme the personall Estate of him the said Gyles Mandy; in tender consideration of the premisses and for that your said Orator(s) have noe way to discover," etc.
The defendants Anne Mandy and Edward Mandy in their Answer, exhibited 8 Nov. 1669, say that Giles Mandy made his Will on or about 24 July 1668, which was duly proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by said Anne his sole executrix. Also that, by his deed Dated 22 Oct. A° 22 Chas. 1, in consideration of a marriage to be solemnised between him and the said Anne, he enfeoffed Thomas Alcock and Thomas Gilham of the properties in question, to be to her use after his decease, by way of jointure, for the term of her life.

Lay Subsidies, Kent, .No. 124-187, Ao 15 Hen. VIII.
Membrane 8 dorse, under "Asshe and Rydley" :— Thomas Hodsold’, in goodes xl s.; (tax) xij d.
124-223, Ann. 31-32 Hen. VIII (a record in very fine condition throughout) Under "Chevenyng" :—
John Hodsall’, in moveables xx li.; whereof due this yere x s.

Page 234

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