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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 14  1882  page 233

Wills and other Records relating to the Family of Hodsoll By James Greenstreet continued

premisses, and after he had recovered the possession thereof, he did, as they have heard, proffer the same to severall tennants and - one would medle therewith, or give him above sixteene pounds per annum for the same unlesse he would first put the same in repaire, to his greate damage, in respect whereof he was forced to fall to repaireing of the same houses and m [al] thowses being then very . . . . and fallen much to decay in the tymber worke and other works," etc., "And theis defendants doe denie yt the said Henry ffrench. to their knowledges, in his life time did fell downe anie tymber which grew on the premisses." "And theis defendants further say, that the said Henry, being so seized as aforesaid, about July in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred fifty and two he made his Will in writeing, and thereby he gave [the] said mortgaged messuage, lands and premisses to this defendante Anne for and during the terme of her widowehood, And after her decease or marriage he gave the same unto this other defendante ffrancis ffrench for ever; and shortly after he dyed soe seized as aforesaid; after whose decease this defendante Anne entred into the said messuage, lands and premisses, and hath ever since enjoyed the same, and hath received the rents and proffitts thereof" etc.
18 June, 1657.
(A true copy by me, James Greenstreet, this 30th of October, 1879.)

(Bill of Complaint.)
"4 die Novembris 1669. To the Right Honable Sir Orlando Bridgman, Knight and Barronet, Lord Keeper of the Greate Seale.
"In most humble manner complayneing, Doe shewe vnto your Honor your daily Orators ffrancis Hodsall, of Ightham, in the County of Kent, yeoman, and Maxfeild Hodsall, of Shippborne, in the County aforesaid, yeoman, that whereas Gyles Mandy, late of Ightham aforesaid, yeoman, was in his lyfetyme (that is to saye) aboute the moneth of March in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred sixty and six, as he pretended, lawfully seized in his demeane, as of ffee, of and in All that messuage or tenement, with the barnes, stables, outhouses and appurtenances therevnto belongeing, corn only called by the name of Splaines Greene, scituate, standing, lying and being in the Parish of ffletching in the County’ of Sussex,"—"And of and in all those seaven peices or parcells of lands, meaddowe, pasture and woodgrounde, with the appurtenances, with the said messuage or tenement vsually held, occupyed or enioyed, comonly called Inholmes Hylesses and Stroade Crofts, conteyned togeather eleven acres more or Jesse, lyeing and being in ffletching aforesaid "-—" And of and in all those three other peices or parcells of land, with their appurtenances, comonly called Worgers, conteyning by estimation ten acres, in ffletching aforesaid,"—"being alltogether of the cleare yearely value of twenty pounds or thereaboutes And he the said Gyles Mandy, being soe thereof seized, for good and valuable Consideration, by his Indenture beareing date the sixth day of March in the said yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred sixty and six, and by ffyne therevppon had and levyed, Did graunte, bargaine and sell all and singuler the prernisses, with their appurtenances, vnto your said Orator Maxfeild Hodsall, and to John Hodsall his brother, and their heires, To the only vse and behoofe of your said Orator Maxfeud, and his brother John, and of their heires and assignes forever, as in and by the said Indenture and ffyne vppon Record, relation being respectively therevnto had, it doth and may appeare. And your said Orators doe ffurther shew that at there was greate kind nesse betweene him the said Gyles Mandy and your said Orators and the said John Hodsall in reguarde he the said Gyles was owne brother to Jane Hodsall mother of your said Orators and of the said John Hodsall, and therevppon your said Orators did lende diverse considerable sumes of mony to him the said Gyles Maundy, to supply his occasions, amounting in the

Page 233

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