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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 14  1882  page 231

Wills and other Records relating to the Family of Hodsoll By James Greenstreet continued

messuage or tenement lands, and premisses, with the appurtenances, unto the said Henry Maundy the elder and Henry Maundy his sonne, their heires ,and assignees for ever, With divers other Covenants therein conteined (as), referrence being thereunto had, more at lardge may appeare. Which said deed soe made as aforesaid by the complainants ffather and the said Anthony Hobbs was an absolute conveyance and had noe Provisoe or condicion for redempcion of the premisses on the payment of any sume or sumeso of money whatsoever, neither doth it thereby appeare that it should be void upon the payment of the said sume of three hundred and thirty pounds, with damage for forbearance, and theis defendants further say that they have heard that the said Henry Maundy the elder, soone after the said deed was soe made as aforesaid, dyed, And that the said Henry Maundy the younger him survived, by reason whereof, as theis defendants are informed, the said Henry Maundy the younger became wholely estated in the said premisses, and he being soe seized did, as it is related, and as they hope to prove, procure the said Stephen Hodsall and Henry Hodsall, the two younger sonns of the said Thomas Hodsall, by their deed Poll beareing date the seaventeenth day of Aprill in the three and twentieth yeare of the said late King Charles etc., to graunte and release all their estate, tytle, interest, use, possession, power, possibilitie of redempcion, condicion, property, claime, and demaund, whatsoever, which they had or could claime in the said messuage and lands," etc., "And theis defendants further say that they have bine informed that the said William Hodsall did much ymportune the said Henry ffrench to lend him three hundred pounds, and for security thereof he would procure the said Henry Maundy to convey parte of the said premisses unto him the said Henry ifrench; uppon which ymportunity he condiscended, And thereuppon it was agreed that a conveyance to be executed by ffyne should be made of all the said premisses, and parte thereof should be lymitted to the said Henry ffrench and his heires, and the other parte thereof should be setled on the said William Hodsall and Jane his wife, as hereafter is expressed. And for that purpose an Indenture tripartite, beareing date the third day of May in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred forty and seaven, and made betweene the said Henry Maundy and Anne his wife, the said Anthony Hobbs, by  the name of Anthony Hobbs, of Orpington, in the said county, gent., and Anne his wife, of the first parte, and the said William Hodsall and Jane his wife of the second parte, and the said Henry ffrench this defendante Annes husband of the third parte, thereby reciteing that in consideracion of the sume of three hundred pounds of lawfull mony of England payed by this defendante Annes husband according as therein is appointed it should be payed for the setling of a competent joyncture of some parte of the landes on the said Jane the wife of the said William Hodsall, And for other consideracions therein expressed, all the said parties did grante, bargaine, sell, enfeoffe, and confirme unto the said Henry ffrench his heires and assignes All the said premisses soe first granted unto the said Anthony Hobbs, To have and to hold the said messuage, lands, tenements, hereditaments and premisses, with the appurtenances, unto the said Henry ffrench his heires and assignes, To the severall uses, intents, and purposes in the said deed and hereafter expressed, that is to say, Of, for and concerninge the said barne called ffurmingers barne, and all those seaven peices or parcells of land, meddowe, and pasture called ffirmingers, Beards, Ditchers, and the fouer Peckhams Broomes, conteining by estimacion three and thirty acres, To the only propper use and behoofe of the said William Hodsall and Jane his wife for and during the terme of their two naturall lives and the life of the longest liver of them, for the joyncture of the said Jane and in satisfaccion of her dower, And from and after their deceases to the only propper use and behoofe of the right heires of the said William Hodsall for ever-which are the complainants as these defendants take it, And of, for, and Concerning the said messuage or tenement, with the appurtenances, called Georgies, to, geather with the malthouse, gatehouse, workhouse, barne, stable, outhouses, edifices, arid buildings thereunto belonging, And also two yards, one garden, and two orchards, thereunto adjoyneing and apperteineing, conteineing by estimacion about two acres, And likewise all those foresaid eight severall peices or parcells of land, meaddowe, pasture, and woodground, commonly called Marfeild, the

Page 231

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