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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 14  1882  page 229

Wills and other Records relating to the Family of Hodsoll By James Greenstreet continued

Consistory Court of Rochester, Administration Act Book, July 1791.
Hodsoll, formerly Tassell, Frances.   The 21st day administration of the effects of Frances Hodsoll, formerly of Town Malling, co. Kent, spinster, but late of Hadlow, same county, deceased, granted to William Hodsoll her lawful husband. Sworn under 5 l.

Bill of Complaint, dated 2 May 1657.
   "To the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners for the custody of the greate Scale of England.
   "In most Humble manner Complaining doe shew vnto your good Lordshipps your daly poore distressed Orat. William Hodsoll and Thomas Hodsoll two of ye eldest sonnes and coheirs in Gauelkinde according to ye Custome of Kent of William Hodsoll, late of Igtham in ye said Countie of Kent, gentlem., and of Jane his wife, as well on their owne behalfes as on the parte and behafe of Manly, ffrancis, Henry, John and Maxfeild Hodsoll, five more of ye sonnes and coheirs in Gauellkinde of them ye said William and Jane, beeing yett vnder ye age of 21 yeares, and to which five the said William and Thomas are Gardivns specially admitted that whereas Thomas Hodsoll late of Igtham aforesaid, your Oratours Grandefather about 16 or 17 yeares agoe was lawfully seized in his demesne as of fee of and in a certaine Capitall Messuage or Tenements with ye appurtenance called Georges and of and in 60 acres of lande meadow pasture and woodgrounde therevnto, beelonging and therewith vsually occupied and enioyed of ye cleare yearely vallue of 40 li. a yeare, besides all charges, scituate lying and beeing in Igtham aforesaid, and beeing soc seized as aforesaid and wanting money to supply his necessity did repaire vnto one Anthony Hobbes of. Orpington in the said Countie of Kent geń" etc.
    "The joynct and severall Answres of Anne French, widdowe, and ffrancis ffrench
     the younger, by ffrancis ffrench th’elder, guardian to ffrancis the younger,
     defendants to the bill of Complainte of William Hodsall and Thomas Hodsall in
    their owne behalfes complainants, as well as Mandy, ffrancis, Henry, John and
    Maxfield Hodsall, by their guardians, complainants." 
"theis defendants "—" say, that they doe beleive that Thomas Hodsall late of Ightham in the county of Kent, gent., mencioned in the said bill of Complainte to be the complainants’ grandfather, was in his life time, that is to say, about twenty and nyne yeare since, seized in his demeasne, as of fee simple, or of some other estate of inheritance, of and in one messuage or tenement, with the appurtenances, called or knowne by the name of Georgies, scituate, lyeing and being at Heavy Hatch in the said parishe of Ightham; and of and in two barnes, one gatehowse, one malthowse, and other buildings and edifices to the said messuage or tenement belonging, and reputed parte or parcell thereof; and alsoe of and in fower orchards and twelve parcells of land and wood conteineing in them all by estimacion fforty acres more or lesse to the said

Page 229

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