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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 14  1882  page 225

Wills and other Records relating to the Family of Hodsoll By James Greenstreet continued

"I Wyllyam Hudsoll "—" my brother Jemes, Fremle "—to "my brother Tomas Hudsoll—xx s." Mentions "my Lady Browke "—"Wyllyam Dallo to receive my wagys for the halffe yere, the whyche ys iiij li. xj s., and whythe yt to paye my skores & detes."
Dated "Thurdaye (i.e. 3) of Octtober " Ao 4 Edw. VI.

Register of Consistory Court of Rochester, Book 12, fo. lxviij (modern pencil fo. 69 f).
Dated 3 Dec. 1556. "I John Hodsele [ above this is written: "Hodsoll ] of West Mailing—To be buried in the churchyard of West Malling. "Item I will that John Hodsoll my eldest son shall have vj ii. xiij s. iiij d., to be payed to him at the age of xviij. Item I will yt William Hodsoll my son shall have vj ii. xiij s. iiij d. leke wise at th’age of xviij, and every one to be others heyre."
"Alice my doughter" at age of 18, or marriage, to have 3l. 6s. 8 d. "Jone my doughter" at age of 18, or marriage, to have 3l. 6s. 8 d., "Elsabeth my doughter" at age of 18, or marriage, to have 3l. 6s. 8 d. "Margaret my doughter" at age of 18, or marriage, to have 3l. 6s. 8 d. The child that his wife goeth wt all, if a man childe, to have 6l. 13s. 4d. If it be a mayd, 3l. 6s. 8d. at age of l8,or marriage.
"Alice my wif’" sole executrix. 
Probate granted 21 Jan. 155...

Rochester Court. Original Will (? or copy for registration)— three sheets, the last damaged.
Dated 30 Sept. 1616. "I William Hodsoll’ th’elder, of Ashe neere Kingsd.. . . ,in the County of Kent, gentleman "—" Item I give vnto Ellenor my wyté one Annuitye or yearly rente of fiftye poundes "—" yssuvnge & goinge out of my Mannor of Sou.. . ., & out of all the landes, tenementes & hereditamentes thervnto belong " etc., etc.
I give vnto my sayd wyfe the summe of twenty seaven poundes two shiilinges & sixpence wch her sonne Mr Richard Parker dooth owe vnto me, to bee payd to her by the sayd :Richard"—Gives to his wife, inter alia, "my ridinge nagge or geldinge & ye ridinge furniture wch my sayd wyfe doth vse when shee rydeth or iornyth abroad." She to board his "sonne William." Gives to his "sonne John" 3001. upon condition that, at or on the Feast of St. Michael 1618, he makes release by sufficient conveyance to said "sonne William" of all right and title "of & in all my Mannors, messuages" etc.—" my sonne Hewe " to have 3001. at or on 29 Sept. 1620. Executor to pay "my sayd sonne Henry" 101. a year upon his making similar release to "my sayd sonne William" —" his sisters here vndernamed "—(much of it is gone)—" my daughter Hester," at age of 24—" Ellenor" 100l., at age of 20— daughter, at age of 24.

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