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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 14  1882  page 224

Wills and other Records relating to the Family of Hodsoll By James Greenstreet continued

monium sigillum meum presenti vitime Voluntati mee est appensum. Datum die et anno domini supradictis.
"Probatum fuit presens testamenturn coram Magistro Johanne Lyndefeld’, Commissario etc., xx die ffebruarii anno domini supradicto et commissa est administracio bonorum etc., Executoribus in prefato testamento nominatis. Et consequenter, videlicet xx die Marcii anno vt supra, acquietati fuerunt Executores, etc."

Register of Consistory Court of Rochester, Book 2, folio xxxj.   (In Latin.)
Dated 8 Oct. 1455. "Ego Willelmus Hodesole "—To be buried in the Church of St. Nicholas, Rochester—to Thomas Hodesole my son—Joan my wife.

Register of Consistory Court of Rochester, Book 6, fo. 122b.
Abstract of Testament, which is in Latin :—6 July 1499—I William Hodsole of Asch’. To. be buried in the churchyard. Ysabell’ my wife. Signed: "Willelmus Hodsole, Laberour."
"This is the last Wyll’ of me William Hodsole, of and vpon the disposicione of my landes and tenementes in the parish’, of Asch or els where: ffrst I wul þt Isabell my wyfe have the ocupacon of my howsyng’, & landes ther to belongyng’ as longe as she leuyth sole wydow."—" John Hodsole my yon’gyst sone" to have a crofte of four acres called Chalke, in Asch, "late purchasid’ of Master  Wombewell’, and 40 s. in money of Thomas & Wylliam his brederyn" at age of eighteen years. "Also I wull’ þt Thomas & Wylliam my sons ocupie my place & lande yf my wyfe Isabell’ goo owte of them." Either to be other’s heir. "Also I wul neyther of them. sell’ the tenementes & landes aboueseyde to no persone but 1le [i.e "onelie," equivalent to "only"] to his breder."
(No probate clause.)

Register of Consistory Court of Rochester, Book 9, fo. 240b’.
"Thomas Hodsall’, of Assche." Dated 29 July 1536. "I Thomas Hodsall’, of Assche "—To be buried in churchyard of Asshe. "William my son "—" Joone my doughter "—" Christian my doughter." Probate granted 2 June 1537.

WILL OF WILLIAM HODSOLL, of’ DENTON; PROVED 1550. Miscellaneous Wills proved in the Consistory Court of Rochester.
Original Will (? or copy for registration) endorsed :—" Testamentum Willelmi Hadsoll, de Denton"—Probate granted 19 Dec.1550.

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