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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 166
FORTY RECTORS OF ADISHAM.  By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson  Continued

burned at the stake. His prayer before his execution, and his letter to his father, narrating the whole of the sad proceedings against him, during 1554-5, are preserved in Fox's 'Acts and Monuments of the Church,' chapter xi.

RICHARD THORNEDON, Bishop-suffragan of Dover, obtained the benefice from which Mr. Bland had been dragged to prison. He had been a monk of Christ Church, Canterbury, receiving the tonsure in 1512. He received Subdeacon's Orders March 26, 1513. At the Dissolution he was appointed by Henry VIII, in 1542, to the First Prebendal Stall in the Cathedral, which he held as a Protestant Divine throughout the reign of Edward VI. On the accession of Queen Mary, his Protestantism evaporated, and he actively persecuted his former colleagues. In Canterbury Hall at Oxford he had filled the position of Custos, circa 1528. He was consecrated Bishop-suffragan of Dover, in 1545, or 1546, and he secured the benefices of Tenterden (1550-5), Lydd, Wrotham (1546), Bishopsbourne (1546), Great Chart, and Adisham, the last five of which he held when he died in 1557-8.

WILLIAM DEACON, who had been Thornedon's curate here, was collated March 12, 1557-8, by Archbishop Pole (76b). He held this benefice for 21 years, but resigned it November 4th, 1579.

WILLIAM SMITH succeeded Deacon in 1579. In his time the Registers were fair-copied upon parchment, for 

the sixty years 1539-98. He vacated this benefice in 1602.

MARTIN FOTHERBY, a younger brother of Dean Fotherby, was collated January 24, 1602-3, by Archbishop Whitgift, whose chaplain and kinsman he was. He had been a Fellow of Trinity Coll., Camb., Vicar of Chislet 1592-4, Rector of St. Mary le Bow, London, 1594; Rector of Chartham 1596-1618; Canon of the Eleventh Prebendal Stall at Canterbury 1596-1618. He became Chaplain to James I, and was Bishop of Salisbury from 1618 to March 1619, when he died, and was buried in London at All Hallows, Lombard Street.

WALTER BALCANQUELL was presented to this benefice by King James I, and instituted by Archbishop Abbot (i., 435a) October 7, 1618. In 1625 he entered in the Register a notice of the accession of Charles I, with a prayer for his long life and preservation for the glory of God. He was Rector of Kingstone 1632, as well as Master of the Savoy in London, and had been promoted in 1624-5 to the Deanery of Rochester, which he held together with these benefices. Ultimately he became Dean of Durham in 1639; and dying on Christmas-day 1645 was buried at Chirk.

JOHN OLIVER, D.D., who succeeded Dr. Balcanquell, became President of Magdalen College, Oxford, in 1644, whence he

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