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The second son was named Richard, after his father. Born in April 1598, he married a lady whose christian name was Frances; and they had a daughter christened Joanna in 1644. His wife, however, died in 1646, and he himself was buried here in 1648.
   The third surviving son of the builder of Crippenden was his youngest boy, John Tichbourne, whose son of the same name was baptized at Cowden in 1644-5.
   Mr. Wadmore had believed that Sir Robert Tichbourne, who was Lord Mayor in 1657, had resided at Crippenden. The registers, however, and the pedigrees * make no mention of him whatever. At my suggestion, Mr. Wadmore has kindly made further search among the records of the Skinners' Company. The result shews that the Lord Mayor was a Londoner; not a Kentish man by birth. He was 

a nephew of the builder of Crippenden; being the son of Robert Tichbourne, of London, citizen and skinner. The future Lord Mayor was apprenticed, on the 4th October1631, to Gilbert Ward, citizen and skinner.
Crippenden is now the property and the residence of John Thomas Morton, Esq.
   It is remarkable that no mention is made of Crippenden, nor of the Tichbournes of Edenbridge and Cowden, by Philipot, nor by Harris in his History of Kent, nor by Hasted in the folio edition of his History of Kent. Only in the later, octavo, edition of his book does Hasted insert the short notice which I have quoted in a note at the beginning of this paper.
* Harleian MS. 1548, fol. 123, and Berry's Genealogies of Kent, p. 361.

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