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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 155

George Tichbourne, gentleman, a brother of John Tichbourne, was buried there in 1614; and that Robert, John, and Martin Tichbourne (younger brothers of the builder of Crippenden) were baptized there in 1567, 1569, and 1573 respectively.
    The builder of Crippenden, Richard Tichbourne, was, no doubt, born before the year 1566, in which the registers commence. He married Dorothy, daughter of John Saxbie, and by her had ten children, five sons and five daughters. He lived until 1637, and was then buried at Cowden on the 18th of October. His wife did not long survive him; she was interred at Cowden on the 25th of April 1640.
   Two of Richard Tichbourne's sons (John and Benjamin) died youn, in 1605. Nine years later another son of his was likewise baptized John in 1614.
   The eldest son Thomas, who was 25 years of age in 1619, was apprenticed to his uncle Robert, of London, citizen and skinner, on May 1, 1607; as Mr. Wadmore kindly informs me. He was buried at Cowden in 1642, and the register does not mention any wife or children of his.
(cont. from note page 154)
1572, buried John Tichburne the 30 of March.
1573, baptized Martin Tichburne the 28 of June.
1592, baptized Friswid Tichburne 4 of Februarie.
1595, baptized Anne Tichburne the 10 of August.
1598, baptized Richard Tichburne the 9 of Aprill.

At the end of the entries for A.D. 1600 the registeris signed by
                   RICHARD TICHBOURNE, }
                   JOHN KNIGHT}                       Churchwardens.
1601, baptized Beniamin Tichburne the 29 of March.
1603, Dorothy the daughter of Rychard Tichborne was baptized
               the viijth day of January.
1605, Beniamyn the sonne of Rychard Tichborne gentle. was
              buryed the xxijth day of July.
1605, John the sonne of Rychard Tichborne gent. was buried the
              xiiijth day of August.
1607, Marie the daughter of Richard Tichborne gentleman was
              baptized the xxvijth day of September.
1611, baptized Joanna the daughter of Richard Tichborne gent. the
              ii of August.
1614, baptized John the sonne of Rychard Tichborne gent. the iij
              of July.
1614, buried George Tichborne gentlema' the 8th of September.
1616, Thomas Wickenden and Friswide Tichborne was maried
              (sic) the xvjth day of December 1616.
1637, buried Richard Titchborne senr gent. October ye 18th.
              (Seven entries of baptisms in 1639 are illegible, also four
                entries in 1640).
1640, buried Dorothy Tichbourne widd. ye relict of Rich.
               Titchbourne sen. gent. Aprill ye 25th.
1642, buried Thomas Titchborne gent. August ye 22th
1644, baptized Joanna ye daugh. of Richard Tichborne gent. 
               July  21th.
1644, baptized John ye sonne of Jo. Titchborne gent. 
               March ye 6th.
1646, buryed ffrances ye wife of Richard Titchbourne gent. 
              Jan. 4th.
1648, buryed Richard Titchbourne gent. Nov. 21th.

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