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the Tichbourne family:Vair, on a chief or, a crescent for difference. The same coat is emblazoned upon an esutcheon on the wall.
   An offshoot of the ancient Hampshire family of Tichbourne settled in Edenbridge during, or soon after, the reign of Henry VI. One John Tichbourne then married the daughter and heir of Richard Martin * of Edenbridge; her mother was an heiress named Wallis. The sons issuing from this match (Morice, Nicholas, and Martin) quartered the arms of Martin (argent, a chevron gules between 3 talbots passant sable) and Wallis (gules, a fess ermine). Crippenden had probably belonged to the heiress of Wallis.
   Of the sons of Morice Tichbourne, Richard, the eldest, seems to have had no sons. He contributed 5 towards the royal loan levied for Henry VIII in 1542; and his daughters Margaret and Mary Tichbourne married Bertram Calthrop and Thomas Potter respectively. Richard Tichbourne's granddaughter, Dorothy Potter, became the wife of Sir John, son of Sir George Rivers, of Chafford.
   John, a younger son of Morice Tichbourne, probably settled first at Cowden. At all events, his second son (likewise named John), who resided at Cowden, but was not buried there, was the father of Richard Tichbourne 

who built Crippenden House; and of Robert Tichbourne, of London, citizen and skinner, whose son, Sir Robert, became Lord Mayor in 1657.
   The second John Tichbourne's elder brother (uncle of the builder of Crippenden) was named Morice after his grandfather. The pedigree of this Morice Tichbourne appears in the Herald's Visitation of 1574. The brothers Morice and John seem to have married sisters, Jane and Mary, daughters of Thomas Challoner of Lyndfield.
   With courteous kindness, the Rev. R. A. Tindall, Rector of Cowden, has carefully copied from his parish registers every legible entry relating to the Tichbourne family. Hence we know that
   * Richard Martin was the son of Thomas Martin; and the nephew of John Martin, a Justice of the Common Pleas 1420-36. In Edenbridge Church a tomb commemorates both Richard Martin and his father.
   Harleian MS. 1548, fol. 123. On the tomb of Thomas Potter (ob. 1611) in Westerham Church, these quarterings of his wife, Mary Tichbourne, are impaled with the quartered coat of Potter.
                     WHICH COMMENCE IN A.D. 1566.
     (Communicated by the Rev. R. Abbey Tindall.)
     1567, baptized Robert Tichburne the 5 of October.
     1569, baptized John Tichburne the 27 of November.

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