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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 103

By the  Rev Canon Routledge

THE accidental re-interment in this spot of some bones dug up under the Kent and Canterbury Hospital led to the finding of a few coloured tiles; and further search, prosecuted without any preconceived plan, has resulted in what bids fair to be an interesting archaeological discovery.
The only authentic traditions with regard to St. Pancras Church, which I have been able to meet with after an investigation of the early chroniclers, are fitly summed up in the following passage of Thorn, a Benedictine monk of St. Augustine's at the end of the fourteenth century: "There was not far from the city (of Canterbury) towards the east, as it were midway between the church of St. Martin and the walls of the city, a temple or idol-house where King Ethelbert according to the rites of his tribe was wont to pray, and with his nobles to sacrifice to his demons and

not to God: which temple Augustine purged from the pollutions and filth of the Gentiles; and, having broken the image which was in it, changed it into a church, and dedicated it in the name of the martyr St. Pancrasand this was the first church dedicated by St. Augustine."
   The passage which immediately follows I will quote hereafter.
   Before advancing any theory about the remains that have been discovered, I will say at once that we have been able to trace them only partially, as the owner of the ground on the other side of the wall has declined to allow any diggings to be carried out there.
   Let me then give a brief account of the excavations, beginning at what I will call (for clearness' sake) the

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