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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 83
BRIEF NOTES ON THE HALES FAMILY. By the Rev R. Cox Hales  Continued

Edward Hales during his minoritye at the like yearlie rent of three score six pounds thirteene shillings and foure pence which said rents I have paied accordingly in the said Court of Wards and Liveries vntill and from St Michaell the Arch Angell one thousand six hundred fortie and five and further vntill the foure and twentith Day of February following 1645 (it being then ordered by the then Parlyament that no more rents or payments should be made in the said Court of Wards and Liveries after the said foure and twentith day of Februarie 1645) I doe now fully and whollie remitt to the sayd Edward Hales his sayd Wardshipp and all benefitt thereof which I might have had towards my reimbursinge what I have laied out and paied for him as aforesaid Item Whereas for the benefitt and advancement of the said Edward Hales sonne of the said Sr John Hales my sonne deceased and out of my love and respect to him I have made my selfe tenant onlie for life in the chiefe part of my Estate whereby I cannot legallie make any Lease thereof to endure longer then my life yett I have taken upon mee to make some leases thereof And where I was tenant onlie by courtesie I have alsoe made Leases for some yeares yet enduring not for lesse rent than formerlie nor to the prejudice of the said Edward Hales or his heires or the said Anne his wife I doe hereby therefore desire the said Edward Hales and Anne his wife my sonne and daughter or grandsonne and granddaughter soe farr to respect mee and my actions tending to theire good that such leases by mee made as aforesaid may not be questioned or avoided by them or either of them if the lessees of the said leases 

respectivelie shall willinglie take new leases for the tearme not expired of them the said Edward Hales and Anne his wife and either of them vpon the same tearmes and condicons being tendred vnto them. Touching the lands of the said Dame Deborah my late deare and loing wife deceased and grandmother of the said Edward Hales my heire and Executor sole Daughter and heire of Martin Herlackenden late of Woodchurch in the said County of Kent Esqe by Deborah his wife one of the Daughters of Thomas Whetenhall of Peckham in the said Countie of Kent Esqe deceased and afterwards wife of Sr Edward Waterhouse knight deceased And which by reason of the alteracon of the nature of Gavelkynd by Act of Parliament for the same discended and came wholly to the sayd Sr John Hales mine and her eldest sonne (whoe with my selfe vpon occasion sould part thereof lyeing in the Parishes of Petham Snave and Lydd in Kent aforesaid) and from him discended vnto the said Edward Hales his only sonne I never challenged or had further interest in them in such part thereof as the said Dame Deborah was possessed of and not in joincture or otherwise given by Will for life to the said Deborah afterwards the Lady Waterhouse her mother for my life only by curtesie neither I doe medle with any disposicon of them otherwise then by Lease for short tyme as aforesayd And whereas my sonne Samuell Hales did purchase of my Cozen John Hales late of Boughton Malherbe near Lenham in the said Countie of Kent deceased the Mannor of Bowley and Lands in Boughton Malherbe

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