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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 79
BRIEF NOTES ON THE HALES FAMILY. By the Rev R. Cox Hales  Continued

wise fully satisfied and paied all the rent and arrearages of rent now due to mee and arreare and unpaid being three thousand and three pounds at the Feast of St. Michaell last 1651 out of which the taxes by me payable according to order of the new yearly amount have not beene deemed to be deducted And which shalbe more due to mee arreare and vnpaid at the time of my deathe from theire Mother or her now husband or whomsoever issueing and goeing out of a messuage and lands called Bellaviewe and the Demeasnes of the Manor of Willopp and other lands in the said County of Kent by me voluntarilie setled and stated by Deed or Deeds vpon my said sonne Samuell Hales and his heires males And by mee then reserved out of the same payable halfe yearely during my life according to the true intent and meaning of the said Deed or deeds by me voluntarily made as aforesaid together with damages for non paiment of the said rent at the time for paiment thereof when it was due and payable Item whereas William Barham my late servant is by mee made the Keeper of my chiefe and mansion house at Tenterden aforesaid And hath alsoe the custodie and care of my goods and household stuff in my said hovse co'mitted to him And is by me there imployed in collecting my rents oversight of my Estate in those parts and in the Marsh and other affaires of mine thereabouts in the Wold of Kent and in the Marshe wherein if the said Edward Hales my Executor and heire or those which shall inheritt my said house and lands in Tenterden aforesaid &c. shall not thinke fitt to employ him in such kind of service as I have done and now doe and vpon those or like tearmes or condic'ons 

then I will and give to the said William Barham the sume of tenne pounds yearlie to be paied to him halfe yearlie by my Executor out of my personall Estate at the Feasts of the Annunciacon of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Michaell the Archangell by equall portions during his natural life The first payment thereof to beginne at that Feast of the aforesaid Feaste next after his being discharged from keeping my said house and goods and other imployments and not being imployed as aforesaid (which I wish should not be) hee carryeing and behaving himselfe honestlie and faithfully as (I conceave) he hath ever done towards me Item I will and give to John Grove and Clifton Hilton my servants and either of them twentye pounds apeece Item I will and give to every other of my meniall and covenant servants dwelling in my house at my deathe men maides and boyes to eache of them five Markes apeece to be paied within three monthes after my decease Item I will and give to my sister Kenwrick and my sister Curtis being my sisters of whole blood twentie pounds apeece and to my sister Meriott and my sister Dowman being my sisters of halfe blood by my Mother only daughter of Paull Johnson late of Fordwich in the said Countie of Kent Esqe deceased the sume of tenne pounds apeece to be by them bestowed in blacke or otherwise at theire pleasure to be paied within a monthe after my decease Item I make constitute and appoint the said Edward Hales my grandsonne and heire sonne of St John Hales Knight my sonne by Dame Christian his wife deceased sole

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