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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 77
BRIEF NOTES ON THE HALES FAMILY. By the Rev R. Cox Hales  Continued

(Extracted from the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice).

IN the Name of God Amen I Sr Edward Hales of Tunstall in the Countie of Kent Knight and Baronett being in the threescore and fifteenth yeare of my age And in reasonable healthe praised be God for the same And knowing (though not how soone) that I must dye Doe make this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme followinge First I bequeathe my Soule to Allmightie God wholly relyeing on his sure Mercies in Christ Jesus my Lord and onlie Saviour for a joyfull Resurrection And my Bodye I desire may be decentlie interred in the Parish Church of Tunstall aforesaid without any pompe or ceremonies at all no Funerall sermon no vaine com'emoracon no Invitation Strangers or Friends farr of but such friends onlie as are neare at hand my honest neighbours of the Parish of Tunstall aforesaid and servants No Escutcheons or vanity of heraulds only forty Escutcheons to be provided within a monthe after my decease and disposed to freinds as my Executor shall thinke fitt Item I give to the Poore of the Parish of  Tenterden the sume of twentie pounds and to the poore of the severall parishes of Tunstall aforesaid Chart next Sutton Vallence and Ebbony the sume of tenne pounds the Parish to be paied to the Churche Wardens and other the Overseers of the Poore there respectively within halfe a year after my decease to be by them or the greater part of them in eache parrish respectively with the assent of the Maior of Tenterden aforesaid for that time being for the said parishes of Tenterden and Ebbony and with the assent of the Incumbent and lawfull Ministere of the other Parishes of Tunstall and Chart next Sutton Vallence respectivelie distributed to the honest poore persons there And not to such as inhabitt or dwell in cottages illegalie erected on wastes or in the high waies or live idlely by freeboothing begging filching or stealing or otherwise dissorderlie in theire lives the weeke before Christmas next after the payment thereof Item I will and give to Anne my loving

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