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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 74
BRIEF NOTES ON THE HALES FAMILY. By the Rev R. Cox Hales  Continued

   Understanding that there was a monument erected to his memory, I took the liberty of applying to the present cure of that church, M. Meritan, who obligingly informs me that the church having been entirely rebuilt since 1695, the monument, if ever there was one, no longer exists.
   Before finally taking leave of Sir Edward, I may mention that King James II created him Earl of Tenterden and Viscount of Tunstalltitles which were not recognized by William and Mary. The patent thereof is in the possession of my relative, Miss M. B. F. Hales, lately of Hales Place, Canterbury, who obligingly shewed it to me there, in 1879.
   The third baronet was succeeded by his second surviving son, Sir John Hales. Of him I have very little to say, except that he was offered a peerage by George I, but declined it, because he was not allowed to claim the Earldom of 

Tenterden. He died, after a somewhat strange life, in 1744, and was buried at Tunstall.
   His grandson, the fifth baronet, Sir Edward Hales, of Woodchurch, succeeded him and died in 1802; and he was succeeded by his son, Sir Edward Hales, sixth and last baronet, who married in 1789 Lucy, daughter of Henry Darell of Calehill. When he died issueless, in 1829, the baronetcy became extinct, and his extensive estates devolved eventually upon his great-niece, Mary Barbara Felicite, granddaughter of his sister, Madame de Morlaincourt, whose son assumed the name of Hales.
   It may not be out of place to record, that although the immediate male descendants of the first baronet are all deceased, the old family, which was settled for centuries in the neighbourhood of Tenterden, is not

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