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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 73
BRIEF NOTES ON THE HALES FAMILY. By the Rev R. Cox Hales  Continued

travelled down the Thames, and the rude fishermen of the Kentish coast viewed the hoy with suspicion and with cupidity. Fifty or sixty boatmen, animated at once by hatred of Popery and by love of plunder, boarded the hoy, just as she was about to make sail. The passengers were told that they must go on shore and be examined by a magistrate. The King's appearance excited suspicion. "It is Father Petre," cried one ruffian; "I know him by his lean-faced jaws." "Search the hatchet-faced old Jesuit," became the general cry. He was rudely pulled and pushed about. His money and his watch were taken from him. He had about him his coronation ring, and some other trinkets of great value; but these escaped the search of the robbers, who were, indeed, so ignorant of jewellery that they took his diamond buckles for bits of glass.

   At length the prisoners were put on shore and carried to an inn. A crowd had assembled to see them; and James, though disguised by a wig of different shape and colour from that which he usually wore, was at once recognised. For a moment the rabble seemed to be overawed, but the exhortations of their chiefs revived their courage, and the sight of Sir E. Hales, whom they well knew and bitterly hated, inflamed their fury. His park was in the neighbourhood, and at that very moment a band of rioters was employed in pillaging his house and shooting the deer.
Sir Edward Hales was imprisoned in Maidstone jail for about a year, and then rejoined James II in France. He was impeached by the House of Commons, as appears in their journals, 26 Oct. 1689, and was adjudged a traitor. He died in 1695, and is buried at St. Sulpice, in Paris.

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