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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 35


   By C. Roach Smith, F.S.A.

MY DEAR SIR,In 1869 Mr. Pilbrow communicated, to the Society of Antiquaries, an account of "Discoveries made during Excavations at Canterbury in 1868." This included, among other interesting matters, a description of a leaden coffin, to which I now draw your attention, in connection with a sketch kindly given me by Mr. Pilbrow, and my brief remarks.
   Mr. Pilbrow thus describes the coffin:
"In Bridge Street, at the upper part, were found four skeletons, four feet deep. Still nearer the top of this street, a leaden coffin was found entire, lying north and south, having a skeleton within it, head to the north. The coffin was six feet below the present surface; but when placed there it could not have been more than three feet below, as was proved by the natural and made ground. This coffin was 

four feet eight inches long, very sound, and of thick cast lead; ornamented at the top only, which was a parallelogram, by two diagonal lines or cords crossing in the centre, at which place there was a rose ornament; and four other simpler circular ones half way up the lines towards the corners. This centre ornament and one of the others will be seen in the specimens exhibited, as also the thickness and quality of the lead. The skeleton was that of a female, not more than twelve or thirteen years of age. The body appeared to have been laid within the coffin on a thick bed of lime, and then packed closely round with clay. The coffin had also been coated thickly on the exterior with whitewash. No ornament of any kind was within the coffin."

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