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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 28
SMARDEN CHURCH By the Rev  Francis  Haslewood     Continued

that three Decorated windows, similar to those in the chancel, originally gave light on each side of the nave; but one on the north, nearest the east end, and two on the south, have been since enlarged to three and four-light Perpendicular windows to give additional light to this part of the church, possibly when the tower was built. The north wall had, at some time, been banded together by iron clamps; it was deemed necessary, therefore, when the church was under restoration, to fill in the two most western window-splays, which had been imprudently cut away in the olden times.
   STOUPS for holy water were found near the two porch entrances, and restored after the original design.
   The FONT is octagonal, of Bethersden marble. It formerly was plastered over from top to base. Upon opening it the central shaft was found, and a portion of one

of the original columns; eight new ones were therefore made after the old pattern.
   The POOR BOX with its ENAMEL is of remarkable character, having three locks, and being fastened by strong iron clamps to a pedestal of solid oak. A box of this sort, called the Poor Men's box, was enjoined by Edward VI. It is first mentioned here in 1553, thus:
         "Mending a lock of the pore mans' box ij d."
To the lid is attached a curious enamel upon copper. There are small holes which originally fastened it to its place. This plate once formed part of a series of subjects, relating to the life of a saint, fixed on a shrine. The enamel represents a baptism. The priest is about to take the infant from its mother, and the third person is evidently a sponsor. The

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