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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 26
SMARDEN CHURCH By the Rev  Francis  Haslewood     Continued

   "1550, Received of John Woulton for a stone xij d. (doubtless
                   this altar stone).
               Paid John Harneden for takinge doune of the altare stone,
                   and makinge up of the church wall iij s.
               Paid to Thomas Hoppare for whyttinge where as the syde
                   altares was iiij d."
              "Pd. for drinke to ym that had out the altare stones ij d."
Then, again, in Queen Mary's reign, when the Romish ceremonies were restored, we find this entry:
   "1554, Pd. ffor makinge the aulter iij s.
               Pd. ffor a load of sand viij d.
               Pd. ffor carreinge the aulter stone and setting it up xviij d.
               Pd. for havinge in the altare stone out of the strete viij d."

   The church books supply several particulars respecting the rood loft; the original staircase to which still remains. It was erected in 1508, for in that year Stephen Frenche of 

Bidynden in his will says, "I bequeth to the making of the newe Roode loft of Smerden vj s. viij d." In 1546 we find this among the church accounts:
Rec. of James Lake and John Pell for xix ells of whyte clothe of
       ye roode lofte viij s. viij d.
1548, leyd owt fore whytting over the roode lofte x s.
1549, Received for an olde dore soulde to Edwarde Pellande v d.
(This was probably that leading to the rood loft.)
Upon Queen Mary's accession to the throne, when the Romish ritual was restored, we find:
1555, Paid to the carvar of Asshefforthe ffor the rood Mary and John and for caringe of them home xxvij s. viij d. paid to Pelland ffor iron to ffasten the crosse in the roode lofte iiij d.
Again, in Queen Elizabeth's reign, when Protestantism was restored, we observe the following entry:
   1560, Received of Thomas Norton for part of the Rod loft xx s.

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