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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 25
SMARDEN CHURCH By the Rev  Francis  Haslewood     Continued

   1573, John Quested for kepinge out of the dogges iiij d.
   1576, John Quested for whipping dogges out of the church xij d.
   1619, To Sotherden for whipping the doges out of ye 
                 churche iiij d.
             To Thomas Hopper for the whip iij d.

   Many ancient churches have lost their chancel arch, but from what cause it is not always known. Here, however, there is no mystery; for the external walls evidently suffered from the outward thrust, in supporting the immense roof; and, when the walls gave way, of course the arch and gable fell. A low brick arch of mean character was at some period erected to support the original; this modern one partially shut in the chancel, and gave the whole building an unsightly appearance. This obstruction was removed in 1869, and also an ugly tie-beam, which was replaced by

an iron rod. The new arch is an exact reproduction of the old, being built upon the original springings.
   Dividing the chancel from the nave is the lower portion of the original Chancel Screen. It formed the backs of pews until the recent restoration.
   The PULPIT came from Halden Church, having been purchased from that parish, and adapted to its present position. It stands upon a raised dais, which originally existed.

   Beneath the reredos, on the south side of the chancel arch, may be seen the remains of an altar stone, which had evidently been built into the wall, and not merely placed against it, as was usually the case. The churchwardens' books throw light upon the matter; thus:

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