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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 23
SMARDEN CHURCH By the Rev  Francis  Haslewood     Continued

   It is evident that this low-side-window served some purpose, connected with the service of the Church, which ceased at the Reformation. But what was the exact use of it is unknown; and at least twelve theories are advanced in the fourth volume of the Archaeological Journal. A probable one is that it was used to administer the sacrament to lepers, and others afflicted with infectious disorders.

   The latter theory seems to be confirmed by the position of a water-drain (also recently discovered), low down in the east wall, close to the pavement, shewn in a woodcut on the next page. This was probably the Perfusorium, connected with the ablutions necessary for the priest, after ministering to leprous or infected persons. A strong iron hook will be observed fixed in the arch of the vaulted recess of this water-drain.

   The PISCINA is cinquefoil-headed. It was used by the priest for rinsing his hands and the sacred vessels during mass. The bowl slightly projects; but happily it has escaped the zeal of the Reformers, who, in too many instances, cut the stone flush with the wall. There is both a stone and wooden shelf, which served the purpose of a credence table, to receive certain of the sacred vessels, that were used during mass, previous to their being required at the altar: such, for example, as the "ij sylver cruytts" mentioned among the church goods here in the time of Henry VIII.
   There are three sedilia, intended for the priest and his attendants, the deacon and sub-deacon. The seats are all on the same level; but the most eastern sedile is cinquefoiled, and rather higher than the other two, which are trefoil-headed

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