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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 13  1880  page v + vi



Proceedings, 1878-80  xxxiii-xlviii
1. Holwood and Kent. By C. Roach Smith, F.S.A. 01
2. Notes on Kentish Earthworks. By W. M. Flinders Petrie 08
3. The Crypt of Canterbury Cathedral. Part I. By Canon Scott Robertson 17
4. The Friar-Preachers or Black Friars of Canterbury. By Rev. C.F.R. Palmer 81
5. Remarks on the Saxon Invasion. By Geo. Wardie Norman 97
6. Pilgrim's Signs. By Cecil Brent, F.S.A. 111
7. The Meister Homers, Canterbury. By J. Brigstocke Sheppard 116
8. Celtic Remains Discovered at Grovehurst, Milton near Sittingbourne. By Geo. Payne, F.S.A. 122
9. Brenchley—Its Church and Ancient Houses. By J. F. Wadmore 127
10. Tombs of Sir William Arundel and Others in Rochester Cathedral. By Wm. Brenchley Rye 141
11. The Church and Manor of Bromley. By W. T. Beeby, M.D. 146
12. Roman Remains found at Chatham and at Barming. By Geo. Payne, Jun., .F.S.A. 168
13. Romney Marsh—An Introductory Address. By The Right Rev, the Bishop of Dover 171
14. An Outline of the History of Romney Marsh. By Robert Furley, F.S.A. 178
15. The Town and Port of New Romney. By Edward Bacheler Walker 201
16. The Passion Play and, Interludes at New Romney. By Canon Scott Robertson 216
17. Ruckinge Church. By Rev. E.M. Muriel 227
18. Notes from Ruckinge Wills. By E. Ward Oliver 231
19. Destroyed Churches of New Romney. By Canon Scott Robertson 237
20. Lydd Records. By Henry Stringer 250
21. West Wickham Court. By Sir J. Farnaby Lennard, Bart. 256

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22. The Cinque Port Liberty of Romney. By Canon Scott Robertson 261
23. On the Locality of King John's Act of Vassalage to the Pope. By John Ward, C.B. 281
24. Letters of Thomas Morris of Mount Morris. By Herbert Monckton 283
25. Kent Fines, Temp. Edward II. By James Greenstreet 289
26. Wills and Other Records Relating to the Family of Finch. By James Greenstreet 321
27. Romney Old and New. By Canon Scott Robertson 349
28. Orpington Church. By Canon Scott Robertson 374
29. Chislehurst and Its Church. By Canon Scott Robertson 386
30. Icelandic Pilgrims to the Tomb of Becket. By  Eirikr Magnusson 404

Churches in Romney Marsh. By Canon Scott Robertson :-
   St Clement's Church, Old Romney
   St Dunstan's Church, Snargate
   All Saints Church, Lydd
   St George's Church, Ivychurch
   St Peter and St Paul Church, Newchurch
   St Nicholas Church, New Romney
   St Augustine's Church, Brookland



32. Newenden, not Anderida. By C. Roach Smith, F.S.A. 488
33. British Moated Oppidum, near Staplehurst.  By C. Roach Smith, F.S.A. 492
34. The Shorne, Higham, and Cliffe Marshes. By C. Roach Smith, F.S.A. 494
35. The Crypt of Canterbury Cathedral.. Part II. By  Canon Scott Robertson 500
36.  The Saxon Cemetery at Bifrons. Concluded. By the late Thomas G. Godfrey-Faussett 552
37. Miscellanea 557
38. General Index 563

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