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Rules and List of Members, xiv,  Balance Sheet,  xxxiii, Abstract of Proceedings, 1876: Annual Meeting, held at Gravesend xxxiv,   Nineteenth Annual Report xxxv, Gravesend in the Days of Old. By Mr G.M. Arnold xlii,   Cooling Church ivi, Higham Church lviii, Shorne Church and Master John Shorne lxi,  Cobham Hall  lxv
1. Notes on some Monuments in Rochester Cathedral. By the Provost of Oriel 01
2. Mediaeval Embroidery in East Langdon Church. 10
3. Anchorites in Faversham Churchyard 24
4. Medieval Gold Seal of the Jurisdiction of Saltwood. By Mr Lambert Weston 40
5. Wall Painting in the Church at Upchurch. 42
6. Ruins of a Round Church at Dover. 45
7. Roman Internment Discovered at Sittingbourne. By Mr George Payne, Jun. 47
8. The Lords of Cobham, their Monuments and the Church. By Mr J.G. Waller 49
9. On Teanby's Collection of Roman Pottery. By Mr C. Roach Smith, F.S.A. 113
10. The British Oppidum at Cobham. By Mr C. Roach Smith, F.S.A. 121
11. Celtic remains (Bronze Age Hoard) from the Hundred of Hoo. By Mr Humphrey Wickham 123
12. On a Cave near Margate. By George Dowker, F.G.S. 126
13. Coulng (sic Cooling)  Castle. By W.A. Scott Robertson 128
14. Cliffe at Hoo Parish Church. By Rev I. Grey Lloyd 145
15. Mural Painting in Cliffe Church. By Rev E.H. Lee 158
16. On the Pictures at Cobham Hall. By Mr P. G. Stephens 160
17. Manuscripts and Rare Books in Maidstone Museum. By Mr S.W. Kershaw 189

contents continued page vi

18. Six Wills relating to Cobham Hall
   1. William Brooke, Lord Cobham., Memoir 200, Will
   2. Frances Countess of Kildare. Memoir 217, WILL
   3. Frances Duchess of Richmond and Lenox.  Memoir 225, Will
   4. Charles Stuart Duke of Richmond and Lenox. Memoir 251, Will
   5. Sir Joseph Williamson. Memoir 274, Will
   6. Lady Catherine O'Brien.
Memoir 294, Will
19. Abstracts of Kent Fines. (Pedes Finium), levied in the Reign of Edward II. By Mr James Greenstreet 305
20. Fauconberge's Kentish Rising in 1471. By Mr James B. Scott, F.S.A. 359
21. Kirby's Inquest temp. Edward 1. By Mr James Greenstreet 365
22. Early Kentish Wills (A.D. 1442 TO 1467)  By Mr James Greenstreet 370
23. Pay List of Kentish Forces raised to resist the Spanish Armada. By Mr James B. Scott, F.S.A. 388
24. Assessment of the Parish Of Cowden. By Mr Smallfield 392
25. List of Kentish Gentlemen in the Reign of Henry VII. By Mr James Greenstreet 394
26. Kentish Contributors to a Loan to Henry VIII, A.D. 1542.  By Mr James Greenstreet 398
27. On St Hildefreth and Swanscombe Church. By Mr Sparvel-Bayly, F.S.A. 405
28. Inventories of Parish Church Goods in Kent, A.D. 1552 - Selling to Stone.
   By Rev Mackenzie, E.C. Walcott, the Rev R.P. Coates, and the Rev W, Scott Robertson

29. Miscellanea 417
30. General Index 419

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