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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 134  2014  page 263

A History of the Ecclesiastical Courts of the Diocese of Canterbury, 1566-86, based on the
   Cause papers bound within the Volume MS.F.4.12. By Karen Rushton

Held within the University of Liverpool's Special Collections and Archives is MS.F.4.12. a single volume of cause papers originating from the Consistory Court and the Court of the Archdeacon in Canterbury. It stands out as a record of particular interest not least because of its content and research value but also due to it being housed in Liverpool when its origins lie elsewhere. Its twentieth-century ownership can be traced, with annotations made by F. William Cock explaining how he bought the volume from a Leicestershire antiques dealer in the first half of the century and by 1948 it had been deposited by Stella Permewan at the University of Liverpool upon the death of her son. a former student, but there is still little explanation as to why it left Canterbury in the first place. There are 271 extant leaves totalling 119 separate entries or papers covering an approximate date range of 20 years. The oldest dates from 1566 and the most recent 1586 but not all entries are dated. Based on the records' content and the officials of the court referred to. 1566 is almost certainly the oldest entry and whilst it is not certain that 1586 is the latest date it is unlikely to be much later.
   The fuller more detailed on-line version of this article is accompanied by the transcription and translation of a sample of the entries contained in MS.F.4.12. [See KAS website - Appendix 1 and 2] Whilst the volume is too large for a full transcription the sample taken aims to cover all the different variables evident, such as the types of case heard, the officials named and the record types.
   This article aims to offer an explanation of. and investigation into, the context surrounding the creation of the records bound in MS.F.4.12 as well as use them to illustrate how the ecclesiastical courts at this time would have operated.

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