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Archaeologia Cantiana - Vol. 126  2006 page 429

Brief Notes on the Contributors

Neil Aldridge: born a Man of Kent and an active member of the KAS since 1979. He is continuing to investigate, record and publish aspects of the archaeology of the Weald. He contributed a chapter on the early history of Ulcombe for the recently published book on that parish. A similar piece has been written to be part of a new history of Benenden. Other interests include family history research in Tenterden and its surrounding villages, and the effects of the two World Wars on local communities.

Diana Burfield, B.A. HONS: read psychology and anthropology at London University, and passed most of the next half-century in academic publishing and antiquarian bookselling. Intrigued by the chance discovery of her great-great-grandfather Edward Cresyís association with Charles Darwin, she embarked on the research for his biography (see Review, pp. 423-25). She is currently writing the history of the Bomb Shop, a bookshop in Charing Cross Road established around 1908 by the Tolstoyan anarchist Francis Riddell Henderson.

Mike Davis: son of a former vicar of Stone-in-Oxney, his interest in churches began when his father showed him a masonís mark in his church. Studies of ecclesiastical sites and landscapes were interrupted somewhat by thirty-seven years of military service but they have since resumed in earnest. He serves on the committee of the Society for Church Archaeology and is currently reading for a M.SC. in Applied Landscape Archaeology at Oxford University.

Gerald Grainge, PH.D.: retired in 1993 and undertook a research degree in maritime archaeology at Southampton University. His doctoral thesis, The Roman Channel Crossing of AD 43, was published in 2002. The Roman Invasions of Britain, published by Tempus in 2005, extended his research to the invasions of Julius Caesar, as well as that of Constantius Chlorus in AD 296. He is currently editing a book by D.W. Waters on the history of Renaissance navigation.

Richard James, B.A., A.I.F.A.: is currently a Senior Archaeologist with Archaeology South-East (UCLFAU). He has worked on numerous Kentish sites with the Unit since 1995, including several phases of work at Lydd Quarry. He is currently involved in historic landscape work, and is developing the Unitís expertise in this field.

Ian Mortimer, B.A., M.A., PH.D., F.R.HIST.S., R.M.S.A.: is an historical biographer, currently working on the life of Henry IV. Previous biographical studies include The Greatest Traitor: the life of Sir Roger Mortimer and The Perfect King: the life of Edward III. His PH.D. thesis was on the social history of medicine c.1570-1720,

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