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List of Officers and members of Council vii-viii; Editorial Personnel viii
1. Cobham Hall: the House and Gardens. By Tim Tatton-Brown 01
2. Interpersonal Violence in Kent, 1460-1560. By Karen Jones 29
3. A Roman site at Home Farm, Eynsford. By Brian Philp and Maurice Chenery 49
4. The Population of Sandwich from the Accession of Elizabeth Ito the Civil War. 
   By Jane Andrewes and Michael Zell

5. One for the Road? Providing Food and Drink for the Final Journey. By Edward Biddulph 101
6. Patrixbourne Church: Medieval Patronage, Fabric and History. By Mary Berg 113
7. A Forgotten Kentish Rebellion, September-October 1470. By Malcolm Mercer 143
8. Excavations at Biggin Street, Dover. By David Wilkinson and Duncan Wood 153

Faversham’ s Role in the Armada and Counter-Armada. 
   By Patricia Hyde and Duncan Harrington

10. Stone Supply to the Saxon Shore Forts at Reculver, Richborough, Dover and Lympne. 
   By Andrew Pearson

11. The Management of Dering Wood, Smarden, since the Medieval Period: Archaeological and
   Documentary Evidence. By Nicola Bannister

12. Supporting the Canterbury Hospitals: Benefaction and the Language of Charity in the Twelfth
   and Thirteenth Centuries. By Sheila Sweetinburgh


Late Bronze Age, Romano-British and Early/Middle Saxon features at Hoo St Werburgh. 
   By Chris Moore

14. Interpretations of the Influence of the Immigrant Population in Kent in the Sixteenth and
   Seventeenth Centuries. By Elizabeth Edwards

15. Roman Greenwich. By Gary Brown 293

Contents continued page vi

16. The Kentish Copperas Industry. By Tim Allen, Mike Cotterill and Geoffrey Pike 319
17. St Margaret in Kent: Two Eleventh-Century Anecdotes. By Diana Webb 335
18. Interim Reports on Work carried out by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust 1998-2000 343
19. The Release of Ornaments in the Archbishop’s Chapel and some other arrangements
    following Simon Mepham’s Elevation. By Roy Martin Haines

20. A Prehistoric Site off Green Lane, Whitfield, near Dover. By Keith Parfitt 373
21. Researches and Discoveries
   A Neolithic Stone Axe: Offham
   An Insular La Tène Toggle: Wrotham
   Iron Age Material: Capel-le-Ferne
   Sections of Roman Road: Benenden
   Medieval Denehole: Wilmington
   Probable Seventeenth- Century Witch Bottle: Biddenden
   Chalkwells: Hartlip and Lynsted 
   An early Nineteenth-Century engraving of Malling Abbey Tower

22. Reviews 
   Duncan Harrington (ed.), Kent Hearth Tax Assessment Lady Day 1664
Nigel Yates (ed.), Kent in the Twentieth Century.
M. And A. Hicks, St Gregory’s Priory Northgate, Canterbury: Excavations 1988-91
Shirley Burgoyne Black, A Scholar and a Gentleman. Edward Hasted, the 
                                              Historian of Kent
   Cranbrook Voices from the 20th Century 
   Sandwich Recollected. An Oral History, 1914-1950

23. Obituaries 441
24. Brief Notes on the Contributors 445
25. Annual Report and Accounts 449
26. Committees of the Society 456
27. General Index 457

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