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Papers on Romano-British Kent

1. The Roman Shrine at Westhawk Farm, Ashford: a Preliminary Account. By Paul Booth 01
2. Romanisation: a Kentish Perspective. By Colin Andrews 25
3. The Roman Archaeology of the Isle of Thanet. By D. R. J. Perkins 43
4. William Stukeley’s Kentish Studies of Roman and other Remains. By Paul Ashbee 61
5. Early Roman Burial in Dartford. By Paul Hutchings 103
6. The Evolution of ‘Watling Street’ in Kent. By Tim Tatton-Brown 121
7. Little Farningham Farm, Cranbrook, Revisited. By Neil Aldridge 135
8. Death and Social Division at Roman Springhead. By Malcolm Davies 157

Excavation at Syndale Park, Ospringe. By Lucy Sibun

10. The Published Works of Alec Detsicas 197

Papers on Kentish Historic Buildings

11. Westenhanger Castle — a Revised Interpretation. By David and Barbara Martin 203

Attack and Defence at Old Soar Manor, Plaxtol. By Derek Renn

13. The Archbishop’s Manor at Ford, Hoath. By Harold Gough 251
14. St Leonard’s Tower: Some Aspects of Anglo-Norman Building Design and Construction. 
   By Michael North

15. Ford Place, Wrotham. By Jayne Semple and Kenneth Gravett 287
16. The Archbishop’s Palace at Charing in the Middle Ages. By Sarah Pearson 315

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17. The Building Activities of Henry Oxinden of Barham. By Judith Roberts 351
18. The Crypt at St Nicholas Court, St Nicholas at Wade, Thanet. 
   By P. J. C. Lambert and K. H. McIntosh

19. St Mary’s Abbey, West Mailing. By Alan Ward  385
20. The Published Works of Kenneth W. E. Gravett. Compiled by P. J. C. Lambert 405
21. List of Members 413
23. Brief Notes on the Contributors 451
24. General Index 455

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