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the years. It was hard for him to have to accept that with failing health and limited resources the task had become too much for him. Somehow or other this, his most significant contribution to the study of Roman Kent, must be brought to completion, as a tribute to a complex, generous, remarkably talented man who unstintingly gave his best to archaeology.
                                                                                 RACHEL SHAW

   Alec's editorial work for the Society extended back over thirty years, having succeeded John H. Evans, F.S.A. who had been Honorary Editor for nineteen years. To start with he assisted Mr Evans, this being the position when volume 83 of Archaeologia Cantiana was published in 1969. As from volume 84, published in 1970, Alec was in sole control, well-established in his professional career and then living at Tonbridge. He devoted countless hours of his own leisure time to editing thirty-five volumes of Archaeologia Cantiana. Indeed my researches show that no previous editor has approached this record. And this is not to mention his editorial contribution to the Monograph and Records series of publications.
   If one thinks of all the effort involved in correspondence, proof reading, book-reviewing, chairing the Publications Committee and membership of Council, his devotion to the Society's vital publications effort was quite outstanding. Add to all this his keen involvement in other Society activities, notably fieldwork and education, the Society has many reasons to be grateful to him. Overall, his quantitative contribution was matched equally by quality and excellence, his election as a Vice-President being exceptionally well-deserved.
                                                                                  JOHN WHYMAN


Sonia Chadwick-Hawkes died on the 30 May 1999, aged 65.
   Sonia Chadwick began her archaeological career as a schoolgirl assisting with the early work on the Lullingstone Roman Villa. During 1951-53 she helped Rupert Bruce-Mitford and the present writer at Morgan Porth, in Cornwall, in the excavation of a sand-shrouded early mediaeval series of stone buildings, dated by a silver penny of King Aethelred II. It was here that her life interest in Anglo-Saxon and Migration period archaeology began, for she had seen the collections of material from Kentish graves in Maidstone museum and had perused a

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