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K. W. E. GRAVETT, MSc(Eng), F.I.E.E., F.S.A.

Kenneth Gravett, our past President, died on 21 November 1999, aged 69.
   Kenneth was born on 27 April 1930 in the house that was to be his home for the whole of his life. An early interest in electrical engineering, science and architecture was nurtured by his parents and he received a first class honours degree from King's College, London in 1952 and his MSc. at B. T. H. at Rugby in electrical engineering.
   After several years at the Post Office Research Station at Dollis Hill, where he specialised in undersea cables, he took up a post of Lecturer at Battersea College of Advanced Technology (later part of Surrey University) and from this time emerged the main theme of his life's work and interest - the gathering and spreading of knowledge as widely as possible, by personal contact, lecturing and writing. In this he was aided by a phenomenal memory, a kindly, helpful manner, and a fund of humorous stories. After several other lecturing posts in colleges in Brighton and London, he became an Inspector for Education with the Inner London Education Authority and retired as Head of Higher and Further Education.
   After retirement came twelve years of happy and fruitful life: travelling round the English countryside and historic towns and villages: looking at buildings and advising owners on their history and construction: helping and encouraging other societies and researchers in their work. He was particularly well-known in Kent for his ten-year Presidency of our Society during which he greatly expanded the programme of events for members. His devotion to the cause of the County's historic buildings was a constant one and led to his setting up of the Kent Historic Buildings Index (part of his work for the Historic Buildings Committee of which he was Chairman for many years); the organization of the annual Building Recorders' conference over 36 years; and his busy schedule of lecturing to local societies on the subject. His book Timber and Brick Building in Kent was published in 1971. He was very active in liaison work in connection with the planning of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and as

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