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List of Officers, xv; Members of Council, xvi; Committees, xvii; List of Local Secretaries,
    xviii; Annual Report for the Year, xix.
1. Coldrum Revisited and Reviewed. By Paul Ashbee 01
2. The Lords and Ladies of Tonbridge Castle. By Sydney Simmons, F.I.C.E. 45
3. The 1832 Poor Law Commissionís Answers to Rural Queries. Goudhurst: a Case Study of 
   a Wealden Parish. By Peter Bagshaw

4. St. Gregoryís Priory, Canterbury: A Re-assessment. By M. Sparks 77
5. Excavations at Each End, Ash near Sandwich, 1992. By Alison J. Hicks 91
6. The Scribal Work of Eadmer of Canterbury to 1109. By Michael Gullick 173
7. Springhead Gardens and the Archaeology of Kent Watercress Beds. By David Eve 191
8. Worked Whale Vertebrae. By Ian Riddler 205

Kent International Business Park, Manston: Excavations and Evaluations 1994-1997, 
   Report 1. By D.R.J. Perkins, E. Boast, T. Wilson, and N. Macpherson-Grant

10. Nineteenth Century Sandwich. By Dr Frank W.G. Andrews 257
11. Finances and Government of Canterbury: Eighteenth-to mid nineteenth-century Canterbury
   Courts of Justice. By F.H. Panton

12. An Early Romano-British Salt-Working Site at Scotney Court. By L. Barber 327

Researches and Discoveries in Kent
    Trust for Thanet Archaeology 1997-1998
        Thanet Reach Business Park, Broadstairs                                                               
        Oaklands Nursery Site, Cottington Road, Cliffsend, Ramsgate                                
        The 'Mattrosses' swords from H.M.S. Stirling Castle                                              
        Metal Detector and chance Finds:-
             Kent International Business Park  Site, Manston                                                
             The Hoaden (II) Bronze Hoard                                                                        
    The Name of the River Cray                                                                                      
    West Hythe Wastewater Treatment Works                                                                
    Some Radio-Carbon Dates for Prehistoric East Kent - Dover Archaeological Group  



14. Obituary - A.C. Harrison, Esq. 381
15. General Index 383

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