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List of Officers, xiii; Members of Council, xiv; Committees, xv; List of Local Secretaries, xv;
    Members’ List, xvii; Corresponding Societies, xlix; Institutional Subscribers, ii; 
    Annual Report for the Year, lviii.
1. The Canterbury—Richborough Roman road: A review. By E.H. Panton 01
2. The population of Victorian and Edwardian Kent. By W.A. Armstrong 17
3. Trinity Fort and the defences of the second Anglo-Dutch war at Gravesend in 1667. 
   By V.T.C. Smith, B.A., F.S.A.

4. Excavations on the White Cliffs Experience site, Dover, 1988—91. By David R.P. Wilkinson 51
5. The Kent yeoman in the seventeenth century. By Jacqueline Bower 149
6. The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Eccles: A preliminary report. By Rachel Shaw, M.A. 165
7. Kent churches — Some new architectural notes (contd.) By Tim Tatton-Brown 189
8. Monkton Court Farm evaluation, 1992. 
   By D.R.J. Perkins, N. Macpherson-Grant and E. Healey


The Carmelite Friary at Sandwich. By Elizabeth Deighton

10. Old Romney: An examination of the evidence for a lost Saxo-Norman port. 
   By Mark Gardiner

11. Parallels for the Roman lead sealing from Smyrna found at Ickham, Kent. 
   By Michael C. W. Still, B.A.

12. A Bronze Age burial from St. Margaret’s-at-Cliffe. By T Anderson, M.A. 357

The excavation of a later Bronze Age site at Coldharbour Road, Gravesend. 
   By Andrew Mudd

14. Earthwork survey and excavation at Boys Hall Moat, Sevington, Ashford. 
   By Paul Booth and Paul Everson


Contents continued page vi

15. Researches and Discoveries 435
16. Reviews 469
17. Obituaries 483
18. General Index 487

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