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Our Vice-President and long-standing Member, Mr Peter Tester, died on 22nd January, 1994.
   Peter was born at Bexleyheath in 1921 and lived all his life in the Bexley area, except during World War II when he served in the R.A.F. in various parts of this country and in West Africa. A schoolmaster by profession, Peter taught history for over thirty years at Welling School in the London Borough of Bexley and retired as Head of the History Department at the school.
   Peter was devoted to the study of archaeology and history from his boyhood and spent most of his leisure in research, particularly in Kent. He met his wife, Ruby, in the course of an excavation at Cheriton. He was Vice-President of our Society, of the Dartford Historical and Antiquarian Society and of the Orpington Historical Society. A holder of the University of Londonís Diploma in European History, Peter was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in 1958 in recognition of his work and publications; he was a prolific contributor to Archaeologia Cantiana. In 1972, Peter was appointed Honorary Archaeological Consultant to the Diocese of Rochester.
   Peterís interests were wide-ranging from prehistoric flints through old churches and monumental brasses to medieval architecture in general. Whilst serving as Chairman of the Societyís Excavations Committee, he initiated a programme of research excavations on monastic sites, including Boxley Abbey and the priories at Higham, Leeds and Davington; he also directed excavations at a prehistoric site at Cuxton, a Romano-British site in Cobham Park and an Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Orpington. Timber buildings were also among Peterís interests, and he was instrumental in preventing the destruction of a medieval hall-house at North Cray and securing its re-erection at the Open Air Museum in Singleton in Sussex.
 Greatly in demand as a lecturer to local history societies, Peter also conducted courses for the Workersí Educational Association.
   Perhaps above all else, Peter gave unstintingly of his own time for the benefit of others with whom he was ever-willing to share his deep continued

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