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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 112  1993  Contents  page v + vi



List of Officers, xv; Members of Council, xvi; Committees, xvii; List of Local Secretaries,
    xviii; Members’ List, xix; Corresponding Societies, 1; Institutional Subscribers, lii; 
    Annual Report for the Year, lviii.
1. The population of Victorian and Edwardian Kent. By W.A. Armstrong 01
2. William Stukeley, the Kit’s Coty Houses and his coves: A note. By Paul Ashbee 17
3. Finances and government of Canterbury early to mid-nineteenth century. By F.H. Panton 25
4. Cockham Wood Fort. By Victor T.C. Smith, B.A 55
5. Country banks and economic development in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth
    centuries: The case of the Margate bank. By K.J. Lampard

6. Kentish Rag and other Kent building stones. 
   By Bernard C. Worssam and Tim Tatton-Brown

7. Rochester Cathedral: The north choir aisle and the space between it and ‘Gunduif’s’ Tower.
   By J. Philip McAleer

8. A question of identity? The column figures on the west portal of Rochester Cathedral. 
   By S. Bliss


Thomas Rolff: An examination of the structure of society within the Kentish High Weald 
   based upon the study of a fifteenth-century parish clerk. By J.H. Moon

10. Seal, Kemsing and Ightham — 1560 to 1650. By Jean Fox, C.Eng., F.B.C.S 213
11. An Anglo-Saxon case of hyperostosis frontalis interna. By Trevor Anderson, M.A. 253
12. Franciscan lectors at Christ Church Cathedral Priory, Canterbury, 1275—1314. 
   By Fr. Michael Robson 

13. History of the demesne farm at Appledore from contemporary building records. 
   nBy Mary Adams, B.Sc.


Contents continued page vi

14. The early Derings. By Philip H. Blake  299
15. St. Mary’s, Dover, monumental inscriptions 
   By Kathleen Hollingsbee and Martyn C. Webster

16. The first hundred years of Quakerism in Kent. By Gillian Draper, Dip.Loc.Hist  317
17. The 1566 survey of the Kent coast. By J.M. Gibson 341
18. Interim report on work carried out in 1993 by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust 355
19. Researches and discoveries in Kent 405
20. Reviews 423
21. Obituaries - Peter J. Tester,   C.R. Councer,   Maurice A. Crane 439
22. General index 443

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