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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 10  1876 page v + vi



Officers of the Society, x; Rules, xiv; List of Members, xvi; Contributions to the Illustration Fund, xxxii; Balance Sheet for 1874, xxxiv; for 1875, xxxv.
Abstract of Proceedings, 1874, xxxvii; Meeting at Folkestone, xxxviii; Seventeenth Annual Report, xxxix; The Castle Hill, Folkestone. By Mr. W.S. Jeaffreson xliv;  Paddlesworth Church St Oswald. By Canon Jenkins xlix; Folkestone Church of St Mary and St Eansworth. By Mr Scott Robertson liv; On the Municipal Records of Folkestone. By Canon Jenkins lxix,; Memor of John Philipot, the Herald. By Mr Scott Robertson  lxxxvi;  Observations on the Earlier Claims to the Discovery of the circulation of the blood. By Canon Jenkins xcvi; Early Christian Basilicas and Discoveries at Lyminge.By Canon Jenkins. ci; Medieval Folkestone. By Mr Scott Robertson civ
Abstract of Proceedings, 1875, cxxviii;  Meeting at Dover cxxix; Eighteenth Annual Report cxxix. On the Municipal Records of Dover. By Mr Edward Knocker, F.S.A.  cxxxiv
1. Brabourne Church. By Sir G. Gilbert Scott 01
Becket Memoranda:- On a Stone in the "Martyrdom" of Canterbury Cathedral.
On the Kindred of Archbishop Becket.  By Canon S. Craigie Robertson
4. The Compensation paid by the Kentishmen to Ine for the Burning of Mul.  By the Rev Daniel Haigh 29
5. The Skeffingtons of Tunbridge. By Mr Robert Chapman 39
6. Elham, Church of St Mary. By Mr Scott Robertson 46
7. On a Wall-Painting in Rochester Cathedral Choir. By Mr Scott Robertson 70

contents continued page vi

8. On Roman Pottery from Hoo. By Humphrey Wickham 75
9. On an ancient carved Chest in Harty Church. By Mr Scott Robertson 77
10. Monks Horton Priory. By Mr C. Daily, F.R.I.B.A. 81
11. Note on Medieval Window Casements and Shutters. Mr Mr R.C. Hussey 90
12. Somner's description of Canterbury Cathedral after the Great Rebellion.  
   By Canon J. Craigie Robertson

13. Assessments in Kent for the Aid to Knight the Black Prince, Anno 20, Edward III. 
   By Mr James Green-Street

14. On a Roman Villa near Maidstone. By Mr C. Roach Smith, F.S.A. 163
15. On a Roman Hypocaust Discovered at Folkestone in 1875. By Canon Jenkins 173
16. On a Roman Cemetery at East Hall, Murston. By Mr George Payne Jun. 178
17. The Kentish Family of Lovelace. By the Rev A.J. Pearman 184
18. Faversham Town Accounts, for the Year, Anno 33 Edward I. By Mr F.F. Giraud
Expenses of the Corporation of Faversham. temp Henry VIII.  By Mr F.F. Giraud
19. Hythe Churchwardens' Accounts for the Year 412-13. 
  By Mr Mackeson and Mr Scott Robertson

20. Sir John Scott's Accounts of his Receipts and Expenditure during 1463-1466.
   By Mr James R. Scott, F.S.A.

21. The Scott Monuments in Brabourne Church. By Mr James R. Scott, F.S.A. 259
22. The Charters of Monks Horton Priory. By By Mr James R. Scott, F.S.A. 269
23. Inventories of Parish Church Goods, in Kent, A.D. 1552. Maplescombe to Saltwood
   By Rev Mackenzie, E.C. Walcott, the Rev R.P. Coates, and the Rev W, Scott Robertson

24. The Saxon Cemetery at Bifrons. By  Mr T.G. Godfrey-Fausset. F.S.A. 298
25. Documents from the Archives of Christ Church Canterbury. By Mr R.C. Hussey, F.S.A. 316
26. Miscellanea 320
27. Philipotts Visitation of Kent in 1619 : The Bering Pedigree.
   Edited by Dr ?.J. Howard and the Rev Francis Haslewood

28. Addend Et Corrigenda for Vols. VIII. and IX 352
29. General Index 353
30. Addend Et Corrigenda for Vol. X 387

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