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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 10  1876  page 179

Remains of Roman Internments from East Hill, near Sittingbourne

By George Payne, jun

towards the south, was a small urn-shaped vessel of black clay (4), globular in form, and only 1 3/8 inches in height. Next to it was a patera (6), containing a dark coloured urn, and two green earthenware beads. Lastly there was a vase, of jug-shape, with .a handle, and of common red clay, about 10 inches in height.

   In the second group of objects, the largest specimen was a fine cinerary urn of black pottery (8), half filled with 

calcined human bones, and buried at a depth of two feet.
 It is about 8 inches high, and 12 inches in diameter at its widest part, contracting to about 6 inches at its mouth. Close beside it, on the south, was a good specimen of a Roman patera, ornamented with the leaf pattern.
   At a short distance from this urn, and lying in the direction of the first group, one of the jug-shaped vessels was found and another patera (9).
   Further towards the north was a dark-coloured patera besides three other vessels. The first of these was an urn of yellow colour 5 inches in height, and 3 inches in diameter at the mouth. Around its sides are five depressions, formed by pressing the soft clay inwards with the hands. Next to this urn was another of dark-coloured pottery (10),

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