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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 10  1876  page 75


THE accompanying plate represents some Roman remains which were found, in 1849, in marshes belonging to William Henry Nicholson, Esq., situate in the parish of Hoo, about half-a-mile south-east of the church. No record of the find, or description of the articles, has ever been published, but I saw the latter, many years ago, at the British Museum, in a group without numbers, or any note of reference. The three vessels, shewn on the left hand, in the illustration, are drawn upon a small scale, and represent the objects first discovered. They were brought to me with a request that I would endeavour to repair the urn, which was much

 broken, and I succeeded in perfectly setting it up again, with the exception of one handle which was missing.
On hearing of the discovery, I at once proceeded to the spot, and found that the workmen had uncovered another urn, the upper half of which they had broken into fragments. The bottom part of the urn was in situ, about five feet from the surface; it measured one foot nine inches in diameter, and three-quarters of an inch in thickness, and I was told that when found it was covered with a large tile. This remaining part was full of marsh mud, and ashes, in

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