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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 9  1874 page v + vi



Officers, Rules and List of Members x,  Balance Sheets xxxiv, Additions to the Library & Museum  xxxvi;
   Proceedings at the Sevenoaks Meeting, 1871 Fourteenth Annual Report xxxix; Knole House xl;  Evening Meeting lii; Odlbury Camp liii; Ightham Church lv; Wrotham Church lvi; The Mote lvii. 
   Proceedings at the Faversham Meeting 1872, Fifteenth Annual Report lix; Faversham Church lxi ; Davington Priory lxii; Evening Meeting; Papers on Faversham Charters lxii; Arden of Faversham lxx; and Roman Remains around Faversham lxxi. Preston Church lxxiii; Roman Camp at Syndale lxxiii; Stone Church, lxxix; Dodington Church lxxx; Eastling Church lxxxii; Ospringe Church lxxxiii; Museum lxxxiii.
   Proceedings at the Cranbrook Meeting 1873 lxxxv; Sixteenth Annual Report lxxxvi; Staplehurst and  Frittenden Churches lxxxix; Sissinghurst Castle xci; Cranbrook Church, xciv; Evening Meeting; Paper on Ancient Cloth Trade of Cranbrook, xcvi; Glassenbury and Hawkhurst civ; Bodiham Castle cv; Etchingham Church cxvi; Museum cxvii.
1 Gold Torques and Armillae Discovered in Kent. By C. Roach Smith, F.S.A., etc 01
2 Gold Finger Ring of Celtic Type 12
3 The British Settlement in Bigbury Wood. By R. C. Hussey, F.S.A 13
4 On Celtic Tumuli in East Kent. By C. H. Woodruff, F.S.A. 16
5 The Royalist Rising in Kent, A.D. 1648. By Colonel George Colomb, F.S.A  31

Contents page continued vi

6 Dr Pegge's Alphabet of Kentcisms, and Collection of Proverbial Sayings used in Kent
  Communicated by the Rev Walter W. Skeat

7 On the Brass of Sir John De Northwode, and Lady, in Minster Church, Sheppey. 
   By J. G. Waller

8 Roman Coffins of Lead, from Bexhill, Milton-next-Sittingbourne. By George Payne, .jun. 164
9 Roman Remains from Luton, Chatham. By Humphry Wickham 174
10 Lambeth Palace Library, and its Kentish Memoranda. By S.W. Kershaw, MA., Librarian 176
11 Church of All Saints, Staplehurst. By the Rev W.A. Scott Robertson 189
12 Paving Tiles from Frittenden Church. 203
13 Inscribed Finger Ring. 204
14 The Basilica of Lyminge; Roman, Saxon and Medieval. By the Rev Robert C. Jenkins 205
15 Notes from the Records of Smarden Church. Communicated by the Rev Francis Haselwood 224
16 Low Side Window in Dodington Church. Letter from Archdeacon Trollope, F.S.A. 236
17 The Church of St Laurence, Hawkhurst. By the Rev H. A. Jeffreys 240
18 Inventories of Parish Church Goods A.D. 1552. Hartley to Lyminge
   By Rev Mackenzie, E.C. Walcott, the Rev R.P. Coates, and the Rev W, Scott Robertson

19 Valuation of the Town of Dartford, 29 ED. I. Communicated by the Rev H.P. Coates 285
20 Miscellanea: 
   Description of Gold Coins found at Borden
   Bronze Celts
   Flint Implements
   Roman Pottery
   Grant made by Roger of Fawkham to William and Sarahe De Wykwane, of fifteen acres
      of land in Fawkham, 28 ED. I
   Valuation of the Manors of Charles and Roughhehel, in Dartford circa A.D. 1350-1400

21 General Index 305

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