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         Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 7  1868  page v + vi


Rules and List of Members ix,  List of Contributions to Illustration Fund, etc xxxiv, Balance Sheet 
  for 1865  xxxv, Balance Sheet for 1866 xxxvi; Balance Sheet for 867 xxxvii, Note by Editor xxxviii;
  Abstract of Proceedings, 1865, 1866, and 1867  xxxix
1. The Architectural History of the Conventual Buildings the Monastery of Christ Church in 
   Canterbury. By the Rev Robert Willis Jacksonian Professor in the University of Cambridge

2. Extracts relating to the History of Archbishop Becket.
   Communicated by Rev J.C. Robinson, Canon of Canterbury

3. John Cade's followers in Kent. By William Durrant Cooper, F.S.A 233
4. Inventories of  (I) St Mary's Hospital of Maison Dieu, Dover; 
     (II.) The Benedictine Priory of St Martin New-Work Dover for Monks;
     (III) The Benedictine. Priory of St Mary and St Sexburge, in the Island of Sheppey, for Nuns.
         With Notes by the Rev Mackenzie E. C. Walcot


contents continued page vi

6. Account of the Society's Researches in the Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Sarr (Sarre) Part III.
   By John Brent., F.S.A.

7. Miscellanea:-
    Additions and Emendations to Vol. VI.
    The Rev Lambert Blackwell Larkin (in memoriam)
    On the Heart-Shrine in Leybourne Church and the Family of de Leybourne.
    Discovery of a Medieval Pen, etc..
    Discovery of a Seal of the Port of Hythe.
8. General Index 343

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