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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 6  1866  page 179


Nos. CXLIII.—CXLVII.—Two small knives,one very slender; a broken bead, a spear-head, and an iron tool.
No. CXLVIII.—Skeleton with head to the east, the opposite direction to that of nearly all the others. A small circular fibula about an inch in diameter, and of archaic pattern (see Plate VI., Fig. 8); the centre is a raised boss set with a green stone, and from this radiate ten sliced garnets, of nearly triangular shape; the back is plated with silver. A bronze buckle, one large ribbed bead, probably Roman, and a curiously-shaped bronze ornament, which

 has apparently been attached to a girdle or strap. From the position of the skeleton and the type of the relics, I am 

inclined to class this grave with No. LXXXV., as one of the earliest which we opened.
Nos. CXLIX.—CLI. — Probably disturbed. A knife and a piece of iron.
No. CLII.—A double interment. No relics.
No. CLIII.—A spear-head twelve inches and a half in length, and a knife.

Nos. CLIV., CLV.—Both disturbed. A broken pin or bodkin, one amber bead, and fragments of bronze and iron.
No. CLVI.—A vessel of red earth, bottle-necked,
on the left side of the head; a short sword, only twenty-six inches and a half in the blade; an umbo over the face; a spear-head and its socket.
No. CLVII.—An oblique grave. To the left of the head, lay on its side a black earthen vessel with handle

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