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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 6  1866  page 178


No. CXXXII.—An umbo (broken), a small spearhead, a broken knife, and the heads of two iron studs.
No. CXXXIII.—A child’s grave. No relics.
No. CXXXIV.—A double grave; the skeletons nearly touching. The upper interment probably a woman’s. In the lower was a small piece of glass. Clench-bolts were found at the head and down the left side, some of them only eighteen inches from the surface.
No. CXXXV.—A long pike, iron rivets, and a small iron tool like a farrier’s knife.
No. CXXXVI.—A remarkably long grave, eleven feet in length by two feet six inches in width. It had probably been disturbed, and contained nothing but a fragment of red pottery.
No. CXXXVII. — No relics. The femur and tibia measured together thirty-seven inches.

No. CXXXVIII.—An elegantly-shaped spear-head by the right cheek; the fragment of a knife; and the bronze chape or point of sheath of a sword or dagger, the dark part indicated in the woodcut being a fragment of the leather of which the rest of the sheath was apparently composed.
Nos. CXXXIX., CXL.—Small 

pieces of bronze and iron. In the latter grave a bronze nail or rivet, with broad flat head, gilt, and prettily chased with a characteristic wreathed pattern.

No. CXLI.—A girl’s grave. An amethystine bead and 
a fragment of pottery.
No. CXLII.—A large spear-head, and another smaller, with one ferule; a fragment of red pottery. No vestige 
of the skeleton but a portion of the lower jaw-bone. 
Most of the graves in this part of the field had been disturbed.

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