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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 6  1866  page 177


 and a half by an inch and a quarter, and bears at its angles four ivory bosses, each pierced in the centre with a dot of lapis-lazuli .At its back are four bronze loops to fix it to the belt or dress. It is very substantially made, and in very perfect condition.
No. CXXVII.—Part of an iron ring, and a small bronze buckle.
No. CXXVIII. —This grave contained three skulls in juxtaposition near the lower end of the grave. The bones were much deranged. A knife, two amethystine beads, two of bone, and one of blue glass; a fragment of Samian ware.
No. CXXIX.—A child’s grave, as shewn by the milk molar teeth. A small black earthen vessel, and a knife.



No. CXXX.—A woman’s grave. Part of a bronze plated

ornament, an iron buckle, and some other pieces of iron.
This grave, and those immediately surrounding it, had perhaps been dug on the site of Roman interments. We found in this another fragment of Samian ware, and not far from it was a deep, wide, circular pit, filled to the depth of several feet with fine black calcined earth. A small knife,

much burnt, was found in the pit. with charred bones of oxen and sheep, and, strange to say, a human skeleton, shewing no sign of the action of fire, lying with the head to the south-east. As the labour of exploring this place seemed likely to be considerable, we left it for the time, to make our more profitable researches elsewhere, before the season became too far advanced.
No. CXXXI.—Only a knife.

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