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of clay and porcelain lay beneath the skull, and among them two carbuncle pendants set in silver (see Plate VI., Fig. 2), exactly alike, but one imperfect both in stone and setting. On the breast a circular fibula of bronze gilt and set with garnets and ivory (see Plate VI., Fig. 6). The bone of some carnivorous animal lay near.
Nos. CXVI., CXVII.—No relics.
No. CXVIII.—An umbo over the face, fragments of a wooden box near the breast, and keys or other iron implements beside it; three rings of silver wire, one in fragments, were found near.
No. CXIX.—No relics.
No. CXX.—Probably the grave of a woman and child, a few teeth of both being found. A black earthen vessel, which fell to pieces upon exposure: it contained a small piece of iron, and a plate like the cross-plate of a shield, with a stud in it; some beads and triangular pieces of  perforated bone, all very rude.

No. CXXI.—A bronze ring or armlet, and near it a key.
No. CXXII.—A knife only.
No. CXXIII.—A child’s grave, as shewn by the teeth. Some keys, three beads, and a small piece of mother-of-pearl; a knife and a ring, both broken; a very small carbuncle set in gold as a pendant (Plate VI., Fig. 3); a slender silver pin, in shape and size exactly like our own ordinary pins, and a pretty specimen of delicate Saxon handicraft.
Nos. CXXIV. and CXXV.—Probably graves of women. A black earthen vessel much decayed; a knife, a circular purple stone, and two amethystine beads.
No. CXXVI.—A very narrow grave, only eighteen inches wide. A remarkable bronze ornament, of a very elegant and, I believe, an unique pattern (Plate VI., Fig. 9). It is of a diamond shape, measuring an inch

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