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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 6  1866  page 175


for the handle of a box, under it a piece of thick leather.
Nos. C.—CII.—Graves of women. Two amber bead’s in CI., yellow beads and two iron rings in CII.
No.C111.—An earthen vessel of black ware at the right foot, a sword (broken), an umbo, and a bronze pin.
No. CIV.—A very small grave and disturbed. A knife and the top of a sword-hilt.

Nos. CV. —CIX.—Beads, keys, knives (broken), a small piece of glass, and an iron buckle; two small bronze buckles and a black earthen vessel with a long neck. All probably women’s graves.
No. CX.—A child’s grave, only eighteen inches deep. Three beads.

No. CXI.—A spear-head, an umbo over the face (broken), a knife, and several clench-bolts.

No. CXII.—No relics.
No. CXIII.—A spear-head with its socket, nearly eleven 

inches long; an umbo, a knife, the rim of a small bronze vessel, and on the hip a sword.
No. CXIV.—A woman’s grave; oblique. Only fragments of keys.
No. CXV.—-A woman’s grave. Two glass vessels (claw beakers) between the feet; the larger much fractured and too incomplete for engraving; the lesser perfect, though with a surface more than usually decomposed (see Plate V ., Fig. 2). Two bronze keys, and one of iron, corroded together.1 
   A quantity of beads

   1 See ‘The Celt, the Roman, and the Saxon,’ p. 424.

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