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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 6  1866  page 174


No. XCII.—A child’s grave. A broken umbo, and a single bead.
No. XCIII.—No relics.
No. XCIV—A woman’s grave. The bones are full of oil, as if lately buried. Some curious bronze objects, one of them 

apparently a hinge; another being tubular and perforated as to support two pendants, also of bronze. A large quantity of amber beads, with a few black bugles, lay at the centre of the breast, and amongst these a small circular fibula, of bronze gilt, and set with a garnet (see Plate VI., Fig. 5). 

   In this grave were also a few small pieces of gold braid, like those in Nos. IV. and XC. A small belemnite artificially sharpened at one end,1 a key, and a knife.

Nos. XCV., XCV1.—Graves of women. Fragments of knives and keys, and in the latter grave a necklace of ten beads, one of which was treble, one of blue glass, four of clay, and one white and cylindrical

Nos. XCVII., XCVIII.—Graves of women. Fragments of iron. In the former an ornament of tin, slightly gilt in parts of the pattern, and with rivets as if to fasten to a girdle or strap.
No. XCIX.—A knife and some clench-bolts by the left side; a piece of bronze, probably the plate

1 Douglas, ‘Nenia Britannica,’ p. 158, mentions belemnites found in a British grave, and supposed to have been used as arrow-heads.

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