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No. LXXXVIII.—A large deep grave, but with few of the bones preserved. At the feet a circular bronze dish, about twelve inches and a half in diameter and four and a quarter in depth, much worn and with one handle deficient. It had apparently stood upon a thin circular stand of bronze, some remains of which were found. An umbo and a knife, a sword, much broken but with the pommel entire, and

composed of a purple vitreous enamel or other substance inlaid with silver; and a sword-guard, as indicated by two thin parallel plates of silver.
No. LXXXIX. —A spear-head, an umbo, a large knife, and an iron buckle. An "augon," or iron spear or pike, forty-two inches long, the head armed with barbs, flattened.
No. XC.—A woman’s grave, the bones tolerably perfect. A bronze buckle on the left; an iron ring, apparently the link of a chain; close under the chin, beads of amber and porcelain, unusually rude and unartistic, and with them a circular gold pendant. A quantity
of gold braid round the skull (see specimens engraved), evidently once woven or laced into either the hair or the
  1. See ‘Archaeologia,’ plate xxxiv.p.178.

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