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spear-heads were by the left side of the skull. One was ten inches long, and its wooden shaft must have been an inch thick. The other stood vertically upright in the grave. On the right side was a sword. A palstaab or chisel lay by the left shoulder, and an axe by the left foot. This was the only axe found at Sarr, and differs in shape from those found at Ozingell,1 as well as from others found in Saxon graves. Is it not a battle-axe, accompanied as it is by a sword? and does it not indicate its owner to have been a man of rank?2 Neither axe nor sword were usual weapons of the lower class. Its broad blade and short handle resemble those of the hatchet described as borne, with a sword and buckler, by the infantry of the army led by Theodobert into Italy.3
No. XL.—Another double grave. A man on the right, and a woman apparently by the bones, on the left. Two spear-heads and one ferule were near the skull of the man.
No. XLI.—Pieces of iron and a few beads.

No. XLII.—An oblique grave. Only a knife and a piece of iron.
No. XLIII.—Some teeth of a horse found near the surface; no other relics.
Nos. XLIV. to LIII. contained few relics and those unimportant. A knife (broken), a bronze buckle, and a tag, a small tubular piece of bronze. A milled silver finger-ring in No. XLIX., with a buckle and an iron link. Nos. XLVI. and LI. contained two interments

garnets was very probably intended for a model in miniature of the Saxon shield, which we may suppose to have been painted or otherwise ornamented, to complete the resemblance, as Tacitus describes the shields of the German tribes.
   1. Collect. Antiq., vol. iii. p. 1
   2  A battle.axe was found in the grave called that of Childeric; but some doubts have been raised as to the correct appropriation of this grave. Douglas..
3. Archaeologia, vol. iv. p. 176.

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