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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 6  1866  page 165


Fragments of an earthen vessel and of a knife; a few clench bolts; a broken iron buckle and a bronze tag.
No. XXXV.— A woman’s grave. A few beads, some double; an iron ring or rude fibula.

No. XXXVI.—This grave had a recess cut in the chalk to receive the head. A spearhead and its ferule lay by the right cheek, an umbo (broken) by the right shoulder; small bronze rivets, or tags, with the worms of the screws still apparent, and a small bronze buckle.

No. XXXVII.—No interment discoverable.
No. XXXVIII.—A youth’s grave. A knife, a ferule, and a piece of iron.

No. XXXIX.—A double grave, of two old men buried one above another. The upper, a person of stout frame, and short but large bones, had with him a spear-head to the left of the skull, and, lower down, its ferule and a broken knife.
   The lower interment contained a wooden bucket at the right foot about eleven inches in diameter, having a bronze

rim and an ornament of bronze like some attached to a similar bucket found at Fairford; its bottom and sides had nearly perished. Two knives, one of which measured nearly nine inches

in the blade; a bronze buckle; an umbo with iron bands which had led from it outwards to the rim of the shield, and the studs by which it had been fastened. The impression of the whole shield, about eighteen inches in diameter, was very apparent in the soil. 1. Two spear-
   1 The common circular fibula with a central boss and radiating bands of

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