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probably a child’s toy; it is like some which have been found at Caistor, and at Felixstow, in Suffolk, but has no 

hole for suspension remaining, as those have ; Mr. Lysons calls one found at Silchester a "little votive axe;" and they 
may perhaps be of Roman origin; others having been found at Rennes with Roman remains.. A child’s toy was found in a Saxon grave at Kingston.1

No. XVIII.—A fine sword, thirty-five inches long, by the left side; a spear-head, seven inches and a half long; and its ferrule; a large knife, an umbo (broken), and an iron pin.
No. XIX.—A woman’s grave. A buckle at the waist,
some keys, part of a knife, a small pair of bronze tweezers, and fourteen earthen beads.

No. XX.—A woman’s grave. A small bronze bodkin broken at the head, and an iron ring; a vessel of black ware, near the left ankle; one large amber bead, four of amethystine quartz, and several of coloured clay, in various devices. Amethystine beads are common in Saxon graves, but in these at Sarr rarely exceed three at once. The lapidary’s skill in piercing was seldom sufficient to bore straight through them; he evidently began at each end, and scarcely ever met accurately in the centre.
No. XXI.—Disturbed. No relic’s.
No. XXII.—A woman’- grave. A knife, an iron buckle, two broken keys, thirty-five beads at the neck
No. XXIII.—Bv the appearance of the teeth, probably a child’s grave. A knife, five beads, and a little nautilus-shaped ornament of green stone or porcelain, pierced as if for a pendant.
No. XXIV.— A knife and a broken umbo.
   1 Faussett’s ‘Inventorium Sepulchrale’ p. 59, note.

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